What Say the People?

“I built the JCakes bakery site on DreamHost shared hosting and over the years rebuilt the site many times. Eventually the site traffic and functionality began to push the limits of the shared hosting. That’s when we decided to move to DreamPress. Switching to DreamPress was a super simple migration process. We flipped a switch, and immediately it was live. The site is noticeably faster now and continues to be the key source of new business.”

Peter Kuhn  |  j-cakes.com

Shared Hosting & DreamPress Customer

“I started out with DreamHost 10 years ago on a Shared hosting plan and have never looked back. I build niche websites for a living and love how DreamHost lets me affordably scale my site when I need to. Upgrading is easy. When my sites start getting traction, I move them to a VPS or DreamPress. Some of my sites are getting a million monthly page views, and DreamHost keeps them going strong.”

Chris Peters  |  conjunkies.com

Shared & VPS Hosting Customer

“DreamHost is one of the few WordPress hosting companies that actually knows WordPress. Their team is top-notch, and they are always ahead of the curve when it comes to their technology stack. We have referred hundreds of customers their way and they have never let us down.”

Syed Balkhi  |  wpbeginner.com

DreamPress Customer

“DreamPress really has been a key product in helping grow our online publishing business. We've been able to scale a website going from a few thousand visitors to around a million page views per month while keeping our hosting costs way lower than I ever expected.”

Brian  |  welikela.com

DreamPress Customer