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What makes a great domain name?

Consider these things before choosing your domain.

Your Personal Brand

Choosing your domain is kind of like naming your first child, it's sort of a big deal! Your domain is often what people see first, so make sure it's simple, memorable, and accurate.

Top-Level Domain (TLD) Options

Are you a .com, .dog, or .clothes kind of gal? Choose from hundreds of "dot whatevers" that best fit your brand. You'll be surprised when you see how many options you have!

You Can't Go Wrong with .COM

As the original heavyweight champion of domain names, .com domains from DreamHost are the safest, most trusted, and most memorable tld option for any website.

All of These Features Come Standard With Every Domain Name

Flexible Auto-renewals

Choose how you want to work with DreamHost. You'll have the freedom to set your auto-renew preferences to "yes," "no," or "ask me" to receive renewal notices on a regular basis.

DNS Management

DNS allows you to reference computers by names instead of IP addresses. Easily update your name server info along with your MX, CNAME, and other records.

Free Subdomains Included

Want your website to be your home base? You can create as many subdomains as you want when you host a domain with DreamHost. Whether it's or, make your site yours.

Free Custom Nameservers

Create professional-looking "vanity" nameservers (e.g. branded with your domain to respond to DNS requests for your domain.

Domain Forwarding

Domain forwarding allows you to automatically redirect your website visitors to another URL or domain name. Direct multiple domains to a single site for easier content management.

Optional Domain Locking

Worried about security? Domain names can be locked (for free) to protect against unauthorized changes. Choose to lock your domain in order to keep unauthorized transfer requests and scammers at bay.

Why register your domain at DreamHost?

Free WHOIS Privacy Protection

While others charge to keep your information private, we provide free Domain Privacy Protection for all eligible domains. Take that, stalkers!

ICANN Accreditation

We take your domain protection and security very seriously. We're proud to be an ICANN-accredited registrar for .com, .net, .org, and .info TLDs.

A Beautiful Site in Minutes

Quickly and easily create your own professional site with DreamHost's Remixer. With responsive, expertly designed themes, you'll be up and running in no time.

Already have a domain that you love?

No problem! It's quick and painless to transfer your hosting, domain registrations, or both to DreamHost.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Domain Names

What is a domain name?
A domain name is the web address or URL where visitors find your site. A custom domain gives your site a professional look, strengthens your brand, and helps visitors find you on the web.
What can I do with a domain name?
With a domain name, you can direct customers, prospective customers, and friends to anywhere you want on the web like a website, social page, blog, or ecommerce store. A domain name is often the most important part of your brand.
What domain should I buy?
We offer hundreds of domains from the classic .COM and .NET to country specific domains like .US and .CA to newer domain extensions like .CLUB, .ME, .NINJA, and .SPACE. It’s often a good idea to register more than one domain extension to protect your brand or idea.
I have a domain name at a different company. Can I transfer it to DreamHost?
Yes, DreamHost specializes in domain names. You can transfer your current domains to DreamHost and also take advantage of our WHOIS Domain Privacy that’s included free.
I want to use DreamHost for domains and web hosting, but my current domain name is registered at my old hosting company. Can I use it with DreamHost?
Yes. You can either connect the existing domain or transfer it. Connecting the domain keeps it at your current host but lets you use it with DreamHost. Transferring the domain lets you manage both your domain and hosting at DreamHost.

We recommend transferring your domain to DreamHost, so you can manage your entire website in one location.
What is WHOIS Domain Privacy and why is it important?
Also called private registration, WHOIS Domain Privacy protects your personal information (phone number, email, and physical address) from being shown in the publicly available WHOIS database.

As background, ICANN, the governing body for domain names, mandates that all domain registrars publish the personal contact information of domain registrants in the public WHOIS database. Email and phone scammers scrape and collect this information for spam, scams, and identity theft.

Domain Privacy prevents these spammers from collecting your personal info. DreamHost’s complementary (yes it’s free for the life of your domain) Domain Privacy service works by masksing your personal information in the WHOIS database with DreamHost’s corporate information, so you’re protected from unscrupulous marketers, spammers, robo-callers, junk mailers, and stalkers.
How much does DreamHost WHOIS Domain Privacy cost?
It’s free.

We believe you should be able to control how much of your personal information is shared online. That’s why we include WHOIS Domain Privacy free for the life of your domain registration (not just the first year).

Compare us to our competitors who charge $14/yr. and more for private registration, (even more than the price of the domain!) and see how much you can save by registering your domains at DreamHost.

Many of our customers save hundreds of dollars each year in private registration costs by transferring existing domains from their current domain registrar or hosting company to DreamHost. Over time, these fees really add up, and consolidating all your domains at DreamHost can help save you money long term.
How many domains can I host at DreamHost?
With our Shared and VPS hosting plans, you can host an unlimited number of domains in one account. Create email addresses at each domain, set up email forwarders to send email to your primary email account, and forward domains to existing websites or social pages. DreamHost’s control panel is straightforward and gives you total control over all domain records.
For Personal Use - How can I promote myself with a domain name?
Registering a domain name lets you create a personal presence on the web. With your own web address, you can control your online identity by linking to any other site with more information about you. For example, you can register a domain name and forward it to a website, blog, or social profile page like your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter pages. A domain name can protect your personal brand and help your career.
Can I use my domain name for email while still pointing it to another site like LinkedIn?
Yes, you can set up email at your custom domain name while still pointing it to another website like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Sending email from your own custom domain name not only makes you look professional but also gives you legitimacy by showing you’re web savvy.