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Why Your Top Level Domain (TLD) Matters

Listen up, folks – that says TLD, not TLDR. Picking the right domain extension is an important choice. Your domain extension gives your visitors a good idea of your niche, identity, or cause. Your choice of TLD also impacts your SEO ranking!

Choosing the right domain name can help you skyrocket to success by letting your visitors know they are exactly where they need to be, and by helping Google bring untold numbers of wayward lost souls to your virtual doorstep.

For example: If you're developing a business and will operate in only one country, it may favor your SEO strategy to use a geographic or country code extension (ccTLD) like .de or .uk instead of .com.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the registration price of a domain include?
All domains purchased through DreamHost include free domain privacy for all eligible domains, plus complete customization and upgrade options accessible via our hand-rolled control panel.
Can domain registrations be refunded?
Registrations are generally non-refundable. However, some TLDs can possibly be refunded within 5 days of the registration date. Please submit a support ticket to inquire if the domain registration is available for a refund.
Does the domain registration price include hosting?

Domain registrations and hosting are typically sold separately.

(Psst...but some of our hosting plans include a credit for a free domain registration. When you sign up for a Shared Hosting annual plan, we give you one free domain registration credit.

Can I sell my domain name?
You own the rights to the use of your domain, so you can sell it to anyone you like. Once you have a buyer who is willing to purchase your domain, transferring ownership is as simple as transferring the registration to the buyer's registrar.
Why is the registration price different than the renewal price for some Top Level Domains?
From time to time some TLD registries will offer a promotion on first-year registrations for select extensions. Of course, this list is constantly changing, so if you see one you like, grab it quick, no promo code needed! Also, check back often for new domain deals!
How do I transfer my domain registration away from DreamHost?

Transferring your domain to another registrar can be done in a few easy steps, and all from our control panel.

However, we'd recommend you check out our Knowledge Base Article for a full explanation on how to transfer your domain. It's not difficult to do, but there are a few details worth knowing to help ensure a smooth transfer.

Need the Full 411 on DreamHost Domains?

Visit our Knowledge Base to learn everything you need to know (and then some) about DreamHost domains.

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