New Feature

WordPress Staging Made Simple

Safely test changes to your website before you roll them out to visitors. Now you never have to worry about breaking your site — included with EVERY DreamPress plan.

  • One-Click Staging Setup
  • Push or Pull Changes Between Staging and Production
  • Easily Apply Changes into Your Live Site

Never Break Your Live Site Again

Staging gives you the freedom and confidence to test changes before you publish without worry. It creates a copy of your site in a "sandbox" environment where you can experiment and preview changes without it affecting what your visitors see. When you're ready, push your changes to your live site with a simple click!

Try Out Different Themes

Safely Test New Plugins

Prepare and Preview New Content

Staging That's Easy to Use

DreamPress is designed to make running a powerful WordPress website simple. While staging can be a complicated development process, on DreamPress it's built to be easy for anyone to use — no coding experience needed.

One-Click Setup

DreamPress makes staging effortless – just one click and a fresh copy of your website will be automatically set up in a sandbox environment for you to work on, stress-free.

Smart Merging with Backup

Once you’re ready to apply your changes, with just a click we intelligently apply relevant updates to your live website. And we even make a backup of your production site first so you can always revert if needed.

Push or Pull, Your Pick

Copying things from your live site to staging site is just as easy! With just a couple clicks, you can push out changes from staging to live or bring something back to staging without any hassle.