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We update, monitor, and protect your site to stop disasters before they strike.



Attentive, approachable WordPress Specialists devoted to your success.

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Premium WordPress Themes

Gain instant access to over 200 premium, professionally-designed WordPress themes, worth up to $175 each!
Exclusive to our PLUS and ADVANCED plans.

  • PLUS
Save 17% on annual plans
WordPress PLUS


paid monthly


paid annually

Whether you're ready for take off or already established, our Plus plan provides more tools to build and support your online presence.

Jetpack Pro - $299/year Value

Talk to Our WordPress Experts

No More Security or Caching Plugins

Single Site

30,000 Monthly Visitors

10GB SSD Storage

3 Phone Support calls/mo

Free SSL Preconfigured

Daily and Offsite Backups

Video and Image CDN


Daily Malware Scanning & Repair

Premium Themes

Site Migration Available


Save 15% on annual plans
WordPress BASIC


paid monthly


paid annually

A great starting point for new WordPress users, small websites or simple online projects. As your site grows, more power is just a click away!

We Update WordPress For You

No Configuring Caching Plugins

Access to WordPress Experts

Single Site

10,000 Monthly Visitors

5GB SSD Storage

Email and Chat Support

Free SSL Preconfigured

Optimized for WordPress

Jetpack FREE preinstalled

Daily Site Backups

Seamless Service Upgrades

Site Migration Available



Save 10% on annual plans


paid monthly


paid annually

If you have more than one WordPress site or more traffic and content than you know what to do with, this is the place to be. Get more of everything.

Multiple WordPress Installs

Safely Test Changes to Your Site

Talk to Our WordPress Experts

2 Sites + 1 Staging Site

60,000 Monthly Visitors

15GB SSD Storage

5 Phone Support calls/mo

Free SSL Preconfigured

Jetpack Pro- $299/year Value

Daily and Offsite Backups

Video and Image CDN


Daily Malware Scanning & Repair

Premium Themes

Site Migration Available

Save 17% on annual plans


paid monthly


paid annually

If you're ready to sell your products online, get to it quickly with preinstalled WooCommerce. Just sign up, sign in and start setting up your store.More Info

Jetpack Pro - $299/year Value

WooCommerce Ready to Go

Talk to Our WordPress Experts

Single Site

30,000 Monthly Visitors

10GB SSD Storage

3 Phone Support calls/mo

Free SSL Preconfigured

Daily and Offsite Backups

Video and Image CDN


Daily Malware Scanning & Repair

WooCommerce and StoreFront theme preinstalled

Site Migration Available


WordPress CUSTOM

Get in touch with us to create a custom managed WordPress solution, perfect for large sites or agencies managing multiple clients. We want to learn about you and craft the perfect experience for your needs.

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M-F, 9-5pm PT

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Powerful Single Site Options

Agency Plans Available

Resources Scaled to Match Higher Traffic Needs

Increased SSD Storage

Priority WordPress Support

Let's Encrypt! SSL Preconfigured

FREE White Glove Migration Service






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Everything You Need to Make Your Site Take Off

Main Features
Technical Features

Automatic WordPress Updates

We update your site to the latest WordPress and security updates - often within hours of release - to protect you from newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Server-Level Caching

With Memcached, Varnish, OPcache, and more baked into the server environment itself, you never have to bother with complex caching plugins again.

Domain Privacy

We're committed to your privacy. Unlike most providers, we still don't charge a fee to mask your personal information to safeguard you from creepers. $12/year value!

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Dual WordPress-optimized WAFs fight off malicious HTTP traffic, provide brute-force mitigation, and ensure your site and server remains safe and accessible. $250/year value.

Fast SSD Storage

All your files are stored on high-performance solid-state drives, giving you up to 200% better performance than traditional hard drives, or “spinning rust” as we like to say.

FREE SSL Security

We include a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate so the data passed between you and your site's visitors is always safely encrypted. Cat photos have never been so secure!

See All Features

WordPress Preconfigured

We install WordPress along with a number of battle-tested themes and plugins with every DreamPress site, letting you avoid menial setup grunt work.

Fast Provisioning

Thanks to our powerful and scalable cloud architecture, launching a DreamPress instance to power your next website project happens in under 5 minutes.

Custom Control Panel

We've designed and built our control panel and dashboards entirely in-house, giving us plenty of flexibility to build the features and functionality that make managing WordPress easy.

Unlimited Email @ Your Domain

Create as many addresses as you want with POP/IMAP/SMTP accounts. Plus support for autoresponders, webmail, filtering rules, and advanced spam protection.

Complete Domain Management

Manage as many domain registrations as you like with complete support for parked domains, subdomains, Custom DNS, and more. Become a true master of your domain with DreamHost.

Instant Upgrades

If your site grows in size and popularity it'll need what Arnold Schwarzenegger calls - MORE POWAH! No machine guns required – upgrade to a more powerful plan with just a click.

Object Caching

We use Memcached as a persistent caching layer for your database, pre-fetching data and serving it up faster than the underlying database could ever do on its own. This, along with opcache to optimize PHP functions places a lower workload on the server and lets you handle more concurrent visitors.

Varnish Caching

Varnish sits between NGINX and Apache web servers, speeding up your site's performance and completely negating the need for any of WordPress' many caching plugins. Server-level content caching is the future. True, we said that about mylar jumpsuits in the 90s, but we mean it this time.

HTTPS By Default

All DreamPress sites are automatically configured with HTTPS, encrypting traffic between your site and its visitors (and even boosting your SEO) without any extra work. Secure certificates from 'Let's Encrypt' bring encryption to the masses.

NGINX with HTTP2 Enabled

The latest and greatest in open source web server technology, these two components bring the promise of the modern web thanks to significant performance improvements over their predecessors.

Brotli Compression

The smaller your site, the faster it runs. We've baked in Google's Brotli compression software right into all our servers to help improve delivery times for sites of all sizes.

SFTP Access

FTP is old, slow, insecure, and just plain gross. So we've phased out FTP at DreamHost in favor of SFTP, the encrypted, modern take on an old file transfer classic.

SSH Access

Optionally available for power users, SSH allows you to manage your website via command line shell access. We disable it by default for security reasons, but if you are sure you know what you're doing, we'll happily flip that switch for you.


Interact with your site from the command line - or even programmatically - with WP-CLI. We sponsor WP-CLI and have been among the first to include advanced commands like wp-doctor and wp-profile

DreamPress is Perfect for…

  • Bloggers
  • Small Business
  • eCommerce
  • Designers
  • Developers


Building an audience isn't easy. It takes commitment, passion, and drive. You don't have time to spend managing servers, tweaking PHP versions, or worrying about whether or not your site's been hacked. DreamPress' automatic updates and strong security defenses take the heavy-lifting server management part of WordPress off your hands so you can focus on creating great content that keeps your readers coming back for more. And the fact that it's blazing fast, so your readers don't have to wait for your pages to load, is just icing on the cake.

Small Business

You've got a website for a reason: getting customers. Whether it's showing people your menu or convincing them to fill out your contact form, performance is key - every study shows that the faster the site, the better visitors convert. DreamPress' high-performance architecture gives your visitors a first impression that matters. And not only is DreamPress built on our incredibly stable cloud technology, it's designed to accommodate seamless resource upgrades so your online presence remains open for business – no matter what.


Conversions, conversions, conversions. Running a successful eCommerce business comes down to making sales. Performance is key; Google and Amazon know that the faster the page, the more customers buy. Let us take care of that performance for you, on DreamPress' stable and blazing-fast cloud architecture. Our WooCommerce-optimized plans make sure that you can build any type of storefront you want, easily and quickly. And with the security of dual firewalls and an integrated malware scanner, you can rest easy knowing buyers can find you anytime, day or night.


Nothing disappoints a client more than a demo site that takes forever to load. Let DreamPress' speed work to your advantage by delivering a powerful – and fast – first impression. And when your design turns to implementation, don't worry about whether or not that plugin you need is "off-limits;" our do-what-you-want plugin policy means that you can use it. Plus, our dual web firewalls and malware scanner keep your sites safe and let you focus on what really matters: the user experience.


Managed WordPress hosting by developers, for developers. We built our OpenStack cloud platform for our own use. Now you can take advantage of our cloud infrastructure. DreamPress handles all the caching, backups, and security for you, so you can focus on building the features and tools that your customers are asking for. Available staging sites mean that your workflow works for you, not the other way around. And DreamPress' blazing speed and unlimited plugin policy gives you the flexibility to build what you need to, how you need to.

See What Others Are Saying

DreamHost is one of the few WordPress hosting companies that actually know WordPress. Their team is top-notch, and they are always ahead of the curve when it comes to their technology stack. We have referred hundreds of customers their way and they have never let us down.

Syed Balkhi |

DreamPress really has been a key product in helping grow our online publishing business. We've been able to scale a website going from a few thousand visitors to around a million page views per month while keeping our hosting costs way lower than I ever expected.

Brian |

Every time I use DreamHost live chat, I get a quick answer. The best thing is that I don't have to talk to you much! Everything works most of the time so I can focus on writing Nintendo news.

Justin |

We found that Dreamhost had the best tech and infrastructure to keep websites running smoothly and fast. We try to make our website as lean as possible, but Dreamhost helps with the rest by providing access to fast hosting to deliver that.

Mike |

2017 Highest-Rated Customer Support by

9.1 / 10

Host Reliability

8.9 / 10

Would Recommend

8.9 / 10

Tech Support

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