WordPress Backups Made Easy

Protect your WordPress site and make changes with confidence – Backup and Restore included with EVERY DreamPress Plan.

  • Automated Daily Backups
  • On-Demand Backups
  • Easy, One-Click Restore

The Ultimate Undo Button... Just In Case

Regular, reliable backups are the best way to protect your website investment from unexpected disasters. Thanks to Backup & Restore, you can boldly test and make changes –and if anything ever goes wrong, a fresh backup is always just a click away.

DreamPress WordPress Backup Interface

A User-Friendly Interface

Built to be intuitive, you can easily access any of your backups in one place and restore them in just a few clicks –no plugins required.

On-Demand Backups

Create a copy of your site with a click. Now when you’re working on your site, it’s easier than ever to restore to a super fresh backup if things go south.

DreamPress WordPress Backup Interface
DreamPress WordPress Backup Interface

Automated Daily Backups

Forget about remembering to back up your site because we do it for you! Every day we make a new copy that’s backed up and standing by.

One-Click Restore

If something you change breaks your site, or if a plug-in or theme causes an issue, it’s easy to fix! Just restore a recent, problem-free backup and your site will be brought back to life in minutes.

DreamPress WordPress Backup Interface

Get Backup & Restore with ANY DreamPress Plan

Hassle-Free, High-Performance Managed WordPress Hosting

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Everything you need to power a successful website online.

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  • On-Demand Backups & 1-Click Restore

    On-Demand Backups & 1-Click Restore

    Your website is an asset ‐ we make sure it's safe by automatically backing up your entire account every day. Plus, create additional backups on-demand whenever you want. Easily restore to any saved backup file with just a click.

  • Built-In Caching Technology
  • 1-Click Staging

    1-Click Staging

    Create a staging site with just one click and safely test new plugins, themes, and code before pushing your changes live.

  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • SSL Certificate Pre-Installed
  • 24/7 WordPress Support
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DreamPress Plus

A growth engine for your
business or blog.

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  • Everything in DreamPress, and...
  • Additional Resources
  • Jetpack Professional
  • Unlimited CDN
  • Phone Support
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DreamPress Pro

High-capacity architecture for sites demanding extreme performance.

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SAVE 10% Over Monthly

  • Everything in DreamPress Plus, and...
  • Even More Resources
  • Priority Support
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