Secure Cloud Hosting Services for Developers & Entrepreneurs, Like You.

DreamCloud is our cloud platform that is comprised of our public cloud computing service, DreamCompute, and our scalable object storage solution, DreamObjects.

  • DreamCompute

    Next-Gen Public Cloud Computing

    Open source cloud servers built to power your dev environments, web & mobile apps, ecommerce sites and much more.

    All this starting at $4.50/mo!

  • DreamObjects

    Developer-Friendly Object Storage

    Securely store all of your personal backups, website and blog files, videos, music, podcasts and much more.

    Storage starts at just 2.5¢/GB monthly

You deserve the best open source cloud.

Open source lies at the core of DreamHost. We want to help transition developers from closed, proprietary systems to a cloud platform built upon a foundation of transparency and open source. That's why we incubated the scalable Open Source storage software Ceph and contribute to many OpenStack projects such as Neutron, Cinder, Oslo & Nova.

Ceph OpenStack

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