What is a URL?

URL is the abbreviation for the term “Universal Resource Locator”. A URL is the address of a web page, consisting of the domain name and the path to that page. For example, the URL for Google.com is “https://www.google.com”.

More About URLs

URLs help browsers display websites and can be used to open web files or web pages directly. They function like addresses, telling the web browser where to find the desired content. URLs are made up of several parts, including a protocol, a domain name, and a path. The protocol specifies how the browser should connect to the website, while the domain name points to the specific website. The path then tells the browser which page on the website to open.

For example, the URL “https://www.example.com/path/to/page” would tell the browser to use the HTTPS protocol to connect to the “www.example.com” website, and then open the “/path/to/page” page on that site. URLs can be typed into a web browser, or can appear as links which can be clicked on. When a user clicks on a URL, it is typically automatically opened in the web browser.

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