Your data should be kept private

Keeping your websites and our servers safe from turds online is a huge priority. Our team of security engineers, internally known as Nightmare Labs, is leading up our efforts to make sure you have a worry-free experience.

Security Services

Some of the services our customers have access to, directly from our security team.

  • Malware Remover

    We built a tool to help us discover and fix malware found on customer websites.
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  • Let's Encrypt

    Free and open SSL/TLS certificates by a not-for-profit certificate authority.
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  • Free Domain Privacy

    Domain privacy is free by default too. That's pretty cool.
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  • HTTP/2

    All our nginx offerings include http/2 support. It's the next standard for the world wide web and encrypted by default.

  • mod_security

    The industry-standard web application firewall for apache. We have hundreds of custom rules and submit patches upstream to the project.

  • lua-resty-waf

    A web application firewall for nginx built on OpenResty. Its high-performance design allows for detailed processing of hundreds of thousands of requests per second.