Introducing the DreamShield (formerly Malware Remover)

Introducing the DreamShield (formerly Malware Remover) thumbnail

DreamHost offers several ways to help you keep your website safe (Web Application Firewallsgrsecurity kernelsLet’s Encrypt Certificates, and more), and today we’re continuing that trend by offering our DreamShield to you. The Malware Remover is another piece in a layered defense that helps to keep your website protected.

The DreamShield Malware Remover is actually software we originally wrote for ourselves. We needed more powerful tools to help keep our machines safe, and realizing there wasn’t really anything out there that could do exactly what we wanted, we made our own. As you might imagine — being the home for over 1.5 million websites — we’ve seen more than a few pieces of malware end up on customer websites.

This unfortunate fact, however, helps us know what to look for when we perform these weekly scans on your behalf, and because the internet is a scary place, we’re seeing new things every day. Weekly scans for malicious code, out of date software, and bad file permissions help you defend what is yours. We’re not done with the Malware Remover either — we’re still tweaking it and writing new features all the time.

The Nightmare Labs team is excited to offer the Malware Remover to our customers, and we hope it makes a positive impact on the security and integrity of your website.

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Protect Your Website with DreamShield

For just $3/month, our premium security add-on scans your site weekly to ensure it is free of malicious code.

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