What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress is the most popular content management software (CMS) in the world. 28% of the top one-million sites online use WordPress, and for good reason. WordPress is flexible, adaptable, extendable, and user friendly. You can use it run everything from a blog to an ecommerce store to a community site, complete with forums and private messaging.

With the use of over 50 thousand extensions (called plugins) and tens of thousands of themes to help design your site, WordPress can be practically anything. It’s even great for SEO and all you need to use it is a hosting plan on a webhost, like DreamHost.

Where can I host my WordPress site?

Because of it’s simplicity, nearly any webhost can run WordPress. At its heart, WordPress hosting is any webserver in the world.

WordPress only needs PHP (a programing language) and MySQL (database software). Hosting companies like DreamHost build our servers to run software like WordPress. Once your website is up and online, you can access it from anywhere on the planet.

How do I get started?

WordPress has a famous “Five Minute Install” that we’ve made even faster for you.

If you want to install manually, you’ll need to create the database and download the files from wordpress.org -- it comes in a zip, or compressed format. Once you have the filles, you’ll need to copy them up to the server yourself and follow the walkthrough directions. If you use our one-click install, you just tell it where you want it installed and we not only install the files but we create the database and configure it, sending you an email with your login information. No muss, no fuss.