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What runs on the Cloud?

The cloud’s multiple purposes make it indispensable. When describing the cloud, it’s everything you can access remotely through the web. If you have something saved in the cloud, you are storing it on internet servers instead of on your computer system’s hard drive. So, what runs in the cloud?

Files and Emails

Files and emails are the most common items that companies and individuals store in the cloud.You’ll be able to store all types of information online, and have access from any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection. Because of this, you’re not limited to accessing your important information from home or work. You can do so from anywhere.

File sharing is another benefit of cloud computing. Using the cloud to share your files enables you to allow a number of individuals to work on a document at the same time. This can enhance collaboration and increase productivity. When you store photos in the cloud, it’s easy to share them with family members, friends, and coworkers.

Cloud Storage

When you store your files in the cloud, they’ll be protected. Some apps are programmed to back up data automatically. This is a handy feature because if you ever lose your computer—whether through theft or hardware failure—you’ll still have access to the files you uploaded to the cloud.

Web Applications

Web applications also run in the cloud. These are programs you don’t need to install on your computer, but with which you’ll have access through your computer or other devices like a smartphone or tablet. These include apps for sites dedicated to social media and work.

Business Operations

Many small and medium-sized companies use the cloud to store their data and software. This arrangement offers a number of benefits. For instance, cloud service providers handle security. They also oversee maintenance and manage hardware failures. As long as you keep the technology current by accepting automatic system updates, the cloud is a cost-effective way to have state-of-the-art equipment, making it possible for small businesses to compete.

IT Responsibilities

Since companies are starting to run so many of their systems through the cloud, it is starting to change the face and function of IT departments. With companies outsourcing much of what IT has traditionally done, these departments are likely to shift into an advisory role. Instead of commissioning technology, IT departments will use their knowledge and skillset to advise business managers about the best technology-based decisions for their companies.

Cloud Hosting is the Future

Because we’re a fan of the cloud, we made sure to include it in the services we provide. The benefits of the cloud are many, so why not try it out? Check out DreamCompute today!

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