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DreamObjects is an inexpensive object storage service great for hosting files, storing backups, and Web app development.

  • Powered by Open Source
  • S3 Compatible
  • Fully Scalable Storage
  • Reliable Redundant Servers
  • 24/7 Chat & E-mail Support

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More than just object storage.

DreamObjects is also an inexpensive way to back up or store photos, music, video, or other files.

Web App Development

Ideal for devs needing object storage to augment or replace existing S3 functionality via API.

Backup WordPress Sites

Automate WordPress site backups, upload images, and use shortcake to display images using the DreamObjects connection plugin.

Store Your Files & Media

Use compatible applications like Retrospect, Cloudberry and others to store personal files like music, photos, and even hi-res videos.

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You deserve the best open source cloud storage.

Open source lies at the core of DreamHost. We want to help transition developers from closed, proprietary systems to a cloud platform built upon a foundation of transparency and open source. That's why we incubated the scalable open source storage software Ceph to power DreamObjects.

Pre-paid plans available.

Once you've signed up, you can upgrade to any of our money saving pre-paid plans below.
Just visit the DreamObjects tab in your control panel to learn more!

Storage Included Monthly Price Effective Price/GB
40 GB $0.95 $0.0238
200 GB $4.50 $0.0225
1024 GB $19.95 $0.0195
2048 GB $34.95 $0.0171
20480 GB $299.95 $0.0146
Try DreamObjects Free for 60 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DreamObjects?
DreamObjects is an object storage system – also known as object-based storage – with virtually infinite capacity. Unlike other storage architectures like file systems, object storage manages data as objects.
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Why would someone choose DreamObjects over other storage options?
With DreamObjects, you’re able to store huge volumes of unstructured data. Here are a few other reasons that customers choose DreamObjects:
DreamObjects is infinitely scalable
DreamObjects allows you to start small and grow
DreamObjects has customizable metadata
DreamObjects is an inexpensive option
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What applications are compatible with DreamObjects?
  • Arq
  • boto-rsync
  • CloudBerry
  • CrossFTP
  • Cyberduck
  • Dropshare
  • Duck
  • Duplicati
  • ExpanDrive
  • GoodSync
  • S3 Browser
  • S3cmd
  • ShareX
  • Synology
  • Transmit
  • UpdraftPlus
  • QNAP

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How secure is my data with DreamObjects?
DreamObjects is designed for 99.99999% durability over a given year. What exactly does that mean? It means that there is a 0.00001% chance of possible data loss during the repeated read/write operations on the actual physical media that make up DreamObjects.
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What file types can be stored with DreamObjects?
DreamObjects can be used to store files such as photos, songs, documents, backups, and more without worrying about filling up disk space.
Many people choose DreamObjects for:
Storage of unstructured data like music, image, and video files
Storage for backup files
Backing up WordPress sites
Big data object storage
Archiving files
File sharing services
CDN-like services
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