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Meet DreamHost at the OpenStack summit

Attention Silicon Valley!  Hide your women, children and Strawberry Pop-Tarts because DreamHost is coming to town next week for the OpenStack Summit.  Seven of our developers, system administrators, and co-founders will take advantage of Southwest’s brand-new open canopy planes to parachute drop, 101st Airborne style, onto the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Santa Clara.

After falling 37,500 feet and dodging BAE Systems’ anti-aircraft guns and Predator drones, we’ll be EXTREMELY thirsty and hungry, so if you want to buy us a drink and/or a prime-rib dinner, we’ll happily accept!  Want to just meet and chat?  We can do that too!  Just email us at to set up an appointment.

Our employees have been testing colorful polyethylene nano-weave parachutes that can double as a flamenco dress

OpenStack represents an open-source collaboration of more than 50 companies and as a software project it intrigues us.

Chances are only half of our team will survive the air drop and land on the Hyatt. The other half will get blown off course onto the Oracle campus to be captured by Larry Ellison’s squad of robotic bipedal alligators, so we’re always looking for replacements.  If you’re aerodynamic and looking for a challenging, fun career, click on our jobs page here.

All employees receive this tattoo after five successful air drops (whether they want it or not)

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