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DreamHost is now part of the Endurance International Group!

UPDATE 2014:  This was an April Fools Joke posted back in 2011.  If you would like to enjoy the joke, you need to read through the entire post.

DreamHost is NOT owned by EIG – Endurance International Group.



When we started DreamHost in 1997 we had two goals in mind.

1. Get chicks.

Hot chicks!

2. Get rich.

So rich!

Most of us have taken care of number one.

Number two has proven to be slightly more elusive.

It’s been a little harder to push out, you might say.

For the past decade or so a little-known entity called the Endurance International Group, Inc. has been quietly buying up web hosts worldwide and building a portfolio of hosting brands.

Indeed, we’ve seen many of our competitors get gobbled up by “EIG” over the years. The acquired companies usually retain their branding and avoid making any mention of EIG on their websites.

So exactly what does EIG own? As far as we could tell (from this list and in chats with various sales teams), 37 web host brands. Maybe more.

Collectively they represent an enormous customer base and may even make EIG the largest “hosting company” in the world.

Easy CGI

Some you’ve never heard of. Some you definitely have. Some were large. Some were tiny. It makes no difference to the insatiable maw of the Endurance International Group! They’re like a scrap metal magnet for web hosts! (Or wrecking ball, depending on who you ask…)

Turns out the real things are trademarked.

And while EIG and others have certainly approached us regarding a buyout in the past, the money has never really been good enough for us to pull the trigger.

Until now.

I’m happy to report that our key stakeholders flew out to Massachusetts last night, signed the paperwork, and it is DONE! DreamHost is now officially owned and soon-to-be operated by EIG.

They bought us for 10 times our annual revenue.
Two of our four founders will also serve on the EIG board.
Many of our employees were made into millionaires overnight.

DreamHost is the latest web host in a long line of hosts to join the EIG family.

We couldn’t be more thrilled!


DreamHost customers can expect some emails from EIG shortly that will lay out the transition process and explain how they intend to migrate our customer data over to their own unified hosting system.

This is all happening just in time, too. Do you have any idea how sick we are of doing all this? The hardware failures, the endless stream of incoming tech support, writing these insufferable blog posts…UGH.

Our web panel will unfortunately not be making the journey to EIG, so I hope you guys like cPanel!

I was sad to see it go too, but I’m staring at FIVE POINT THREE MILLION DOLLARS in my bank account right now.

Five. Point. Three. Million.

I keep refreshing my online banking just to make sure it’s still there.

Yep, still there.

So shit, cPanel for everybody!

Yeah, I said shit. What’re they going to do – fire me? Well they can’t fire me because I QUIT. I’m buying a yacht and moving to Laguna Beach.

So shit.

Shitty shit.

Also, balls.

As a DreamHost old timer I’d like to thank you for sticking with us up to this point, but I have five point three million reasons not to care what you do with your hosting anymore. HASTA LA VISTA!

We’ll be updating this post tomorrow with some additional details for DreamHost – I mean EIG – customers that should help to ensure the transition goes as seamlessly as possible.

Update 4/2: April Fool’s. 🙂

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Brett D.

Brett's the VP of Corporate Communications at DreamHost and definitely not a robot.

He tweets as @DreamHostBrett and it's not great.


  • April Fools jokes are supposed to be funny. This one . . . not so much.

    You lost a potential customer here, because any professional organization that thinks trumpeting the word “sh!t” across the page multiple times isn’t one I want to do business with.

    I’m sure you’ll dismiss this post as no great loss, but there are a lot of people who don’t think profanity belongs in a business environment.

    And, I found this page through Google while searching for list of EIG hosting brands so I could avoid them. They suck. You know it. However, what shows up in Google for the description of this page is the headline: “DreamHost is now part of the Endurance International Group!”

    Probably a lot of folks looking to avoid EIG will see that in the SERPs and rule DreamHost out without ever visiting the site to see it was a BAD joke.

    Congratulations for shooting yourself in the foot. Got any more tricks?

    Don’t bother replying to me, You’re off my list, so I didn’t bother giving you a real email address.

    And my name isn’t Dagget.

    Have a nice day.

    Dagget (not really)

    • Well… they have also gained a customer 🙂

      Awesome read, especially choked on the cPanel for everyone part.

      Glad to be with a proper host.

    • Arvixe refuge here – I’m specifically switching to dreamhost because of this post. It is amazing.

      Also is reading the word “shit” that much more terrible than “sh!t”? I will never understand this shit.

  • I’ve found this post while searching for “EIG”, and I was shocked to read the post title. If this really happened I don’t think there will be competition anymore. I’m happe to hear that this is the April Fool’s.