DreamHost respectfully requests that all subpoenas, warrants, or other orders be personally served upon our California Registered Agent:

C T Corporation System
818 West Seventh Street, Suite 930
Los Angeles, CA 90017

While we accept service at our corporate headquarters, serving our Registered Agent will result in immediate notifications to our Legal team and quicker turnaround times.

Please note that DreamHost does not accept subpoenas, warrants, or other court orders by email or physical mail (including certified mail). All data requests and orders of this nature must be personally served according to federal guidelines. DreamHost will not process any subpoenas, warrants, or other court orders unless they have been personally served upon either to DreamHost or C T Corporation System by a valid process server.

Preservation Requests

DreamHost accepts preservation requests from law enforcement in connection with official criminal investigations. Pursuant to 18 USC § 2703(f), we'll preserve the requested account records for a 90-day period pending our receipt of formal legal process. We will also accept one 90-day extension if received within the first 90-day period.

Our customers are notified if a preservation request applies to their account. If you would like to prevent disclosure, DreamHost will refrain from notifying the customer so long as we receive a valid follow-up subpoena, warrant, or court order accompanied by a valid non-disclosure order within the 90-day period. If we don't receive a valid subpoena, warrant, or court order within the 90-day period, or if one of these requests doesn't include a valid non-disclosure order, then we'll inform the user of the preservation request.

Preservation requests can either be served upon our Registered Agent (see address above), can be mailed to, or can be physically mailed to:

Legal Department
707 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 5050
Los Angeles, CA 90017

General Legal Questions

For inquiries regarding service of process or other legal questions, email us at Please note that emails and inquiries of any other nature will be ignored.