DreamObjects Trial Terms & Conditions

The DreamObjects free trial is limited to 30 days and commences on your sign-up date. You may cancel the trial at any time before it concludes, at which point your data will be deleted within 48 hours.

During the free trial, you won't incur any charges provided that you stay within the monthly allowances of 100GB of storage and 100GB of download traffic. If you go over the free trial allowances, you will only be billed for the overage at the Usage-Based Billing rates of 2.5¢/GB per month for storage and 5¢/GB per month for download.

If you choose to continue using DreamObjects after the trial ends, then no action is required and you'll be automatically billed for all usage at the Usage-Based Billing rates. If you wish to sign up for a pre-paid monthly storage plan, you may do so at any time.