Why register a .wiki domain name?

You're passionate about the spirit of collaboration.

Wikis are a uniting force for people with similar interests, and a .WIKI domain name invites collaborative energy to your website.

Let people know that your site is a place they can learn more about a hobby, a game, fandoms, or a passion project. You can also create a memorable home for company knowledge with an internal .WIKI for your business or have an online hub for educational and tech content.

A .WIKI domain is a call to seek and share information. Register your .WIKI domain and start collaborating today!

Reach your ideal target audience.

The average .WIKI user can often be more internet-savvy than a standard domain registrant. They're also savvy with technology and are usually highly active in wikis that are open to the collaboration that's so core to sites with this lucrative domain.

Of course, Wikipedia.org, one of the world's most important and well-trafficked websites, is also the most well-known wiki site, if not the only wiki site. Everyone from individual lay users to large corporations has content of all types on the site, and the community aspect of how that content is written, edited, and updated means there's lots of engagement and a unique culture that could easily translate into your own wiki site.

There are many examples of companies, both large and small, hosting their private, internal wiki on an intuitive and memorable .WIKI domain name. Most companies have a wiki or similar source for cataloging and accessing internal business knowledge, but often these sites are set up with obscure URLs that are difficult to remember. Using .WIKI to host or redirect to an internal wiki is an intuitive solution.

Not-to-be-missed branding

Wiki technology is strongly associated with one of the world’s most popular websites, Wikipedia, so the .WIKI domain is well-positioned to not only denote wiki technology but also helps lend an air of authority to your website’s content as well!

The .WIKI domain helps anyone present themselves as a wiki enthusiast when used in their URL or email address.

While you would expect any site ending in .wiki to utilize some of the popular wiki software, such as MediaWiki, it is not a requirement. Anyone can use .WIKI! That is why we also see users that have an education or collaborative site that is not technically a wiki use .WIKI for their domain and branding. With .WIKI, you can clearly market your site as an actual wiki or associate yourself with learning, collaboration, and academic authority.

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