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  • Television's past became the present that looks ahead to the future.

    The legacy of television began as entertainment and information on the “Big Three” commercial broadcast networks that had a dominant grasp on viewership as late as the 1980s. Then came cable television, which expanded the amount and genres of channels and programming available to viewers. Now, of course, we've got a seemingly unlimited number of options for live and on-demand programming on streaming platforms and social media. And there's no telling what may revolutionize the medium next. Kind of head-spinning, isn't it?

  • Content is king.

    With all that change, and with streaming and social now firmly established as the dominant way of consuming entertainment even to the point of supplanting network television and cable, more and more…and more (!) content needs to be created nearly every second of every day to grab and engage viewers and keep them coming back for more.

    The good news is, advances in user-friendly and relatively affordable technologies have democratized content creation in the modern multi-screen digital world, making it easier than ever for almost everyone from all walks of life, cultures, non-professional or professional groups, and socioeconomic statuses to self-produce entertainment and find its audiences.

    But it's about more than creating the content; it also has to be promoted. One of the most essential ways to do that, or to simply host your content, is to have a knockout website. So, how can you uniquely brand yourself when you're staking that claim on a crowded internet? Register a .TV domain for your site address!

  • .TV or not to be!

    The .TV domain is perfect for sharing your creativity with the world — whether you're a blogger, a YouTuber, a Twitch streamer, an Instagram influencer, or a TikTok star. It's the domain for content creators. Whether you're launching a new independent film or web series or streaming your day-to-day content, .TV is the domain you'll want for everything watchable. It's the perfect option for today's always-on, multi-screen world.

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