Why register a .tattoo domain name?

It's totally as cool as you are!

Whether you have one tattoo, a few of them, or you're nearly covered in them from head to toe, you stand out from the crowd. Tattoos can, of course, be bold, edgy, and unique. They can also represent something or someone of great sentimental value to you. Whether you're a tattoo artist with a website or online portfolio, own a tattoo parlor, are an enthusiast or a model, you produce and sell merchandise, or you're hosting a tattoo event, there's only one domain choice that makes the kind of epic statement that'll get you noticed and remembered: .TATTOO.

Reach your target markets and customers in the tattoo community.

  • Artists and Tattoo Parlors

    For all tattoo artists and establishments, a .TATTOO domain is a mark of authority and professionalism. Give your clients an easy-to-remember place to schedule appointments, view your portfolio gallery, and learn more about your business.

  • Tattoo Enthusiasts

    Every tattoo has a story, and anyone can use a .TATTOO domain to show off their ink, tell their story, and connect with a global community of fellow enthusiasts. Use your .TATTOO as a redirect to your social media presence to help others find you and appreciate your ink.

  • Events

    From large conventions to local meetups, spread the word about your event with a .TATTOO domain.

  • Merchandise

    Tattoos are a lifestyle, and vendors of supplies, swag, and other relevant products can use a .TATTOO domain to target their customers online.

It's a domain with a massive value proposition.

  • It's bold!

    Tattoos are cool; that’s just a fact. Given their alternative, countercultural cache, when you register your .TATTOO domain, you evoke an edgy, independent vibe.

  • It's specific!

    .TATTOO is unequivocal: if you’re at a site that ends in .TATTOO, you know that it will be about tattoos.

  • It's artistic!

    Just because it’s under the skin doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong in a gallery. A website is the best way for artists to share their portfolios with prospective clients, and having a .TATTOO domain to match helps you showcase your art in the way you decide.

  • It's memorable!

    Unlike older domains, short and brandable .TATTOO domains are still available!

Did we mention that tattoos and .TATTOO are cool?

We did, but it bears repeating: .TATTOO is bold, edgy, and unique. It's a mark of authority and professionalism in your craft. It's memorable. It tells an indelible story about you, your lifestyle, and your global community.

.TATTOO is you.

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