Why register a .today domain name?

It keeps things current

A .TODAY domain extension brings your website into the present. It tells people that your content is new, fresh, and relevant! For any business, brand, or personal site that’s updated on a regular basis, .TODAY keeps it sounding forever in-style!

It works with, well, everything!

A .TODAY name uses uncanny word-magic to work in virtually every naming context! It's generic and broad for some topics, yet targeted and specific for others. For news sites, blogs, entertainment, sports, weather, and more, .TODAY covers it!

Baked-In Urgency

.TODAY is a domain name that gives off a sense of immediacy right off-the-bat, no assembly required! Few, if any, domain names can boast of having the marketing baked right in, providing that sweet savory nougat of urgency to go with the tasty cookie crunch of your brand!

Add email or hosting to get online today!

Along with your new .today domain name, you'll most likely want email, hosting or both. Getting your .today site or newemail@newaddress.today is easy with DreamHost.


Powerful, simple, reliable email @ your new .today domain.

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Website Builder

Connect your new .today domain to one of our Shared Hosting plans, and build your website without having to know how to code!

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Hosting for Everyone

Our hosting plans are great for small sites, WordPress sites, and even sites with millions of monthly visits.

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