Speed up Your Website with Ease

DreamSpeed CDN is a content delivery network fully integrated with DreamObjects


Prepare your DreamObjects downloads for… Ludicrous Speed!

With the flick of a switch, your content will load from the closest server to your user, speeding up your website, decreasing load time, and making your users smile.

  • Simple Pricing
  • Use Your Own Domain Name
  • Instant Cache Purging
  • Standard Cache Header Support
  • Secure Delivery over HTTPS
  • Auto DNS Configuration

Simple and Inexpensive Pricing

DreamSpeed download rates depend on where in the world your content is being sent.

12¢/GB US & Europe19¢/GB Asia-Pacific, Australia & New Zealand

Make your site faster with just a click of a button.

DreamSpeed CDN has been speeding-up DreamHost customers' websites since the day we released it. If you're already a DreamObjects customer you can activate it from your panel. If you're not, sign up below!

How can you use DreamSpeed CDN?

There's a ton of different ways that DreamSpeed CDN can help your existing DreamHost services. Check out a few examples.

  • Speed Up Your Site's Content

    95% of the time your site's content will start downloading in less than 400 microseconds. Count to 1. Yeah, it's faster than that.

  • Super-Fast App Distribution

    Distribute your apps with breakneck speed on DreamSpeed CDN. With a global network, your users get your updates in record time.

  • Accelerated Streaming

    Stream small to large audio and video files to your audience with little to no buffering at all.

  Activate in Panel

How our global network, um… works

With cache points throughout the world, no matter where your data is going it will be served through the fastest connection possible.

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