What is a Redirect?

A domain redirect makes the web browser send the user from the original domain name to another. When users search for the old domain, the browser URL will change to the redirected domain.

More About Redirects

Domain redirects can be useful after a brand name change. Using a redirect can effectively move an individual page (or an entire domain name) to a new location without losing any organic traffic from the original content.

The main types of domain redirects are 301, 302, and meta refresh redirects. For permanent domain changes, it’s often best to use a 301 redirect. It informs the browser and search engines that content was permanently moved. 302 redirects involve a temporary move, which can be beneficial if the original URL will be used again.

Unlike other redirects, meta refreshes happen on the browser end and can display ads and/or a countdown timer as the website redirects.

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