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Do I need Dedicated Hosting?

If you have a site that needs reliable web hosting, you may want to think about dedicated hosting. Unlike shared web hosting, you have control over your own server.You'll experience enhanced security because you won't ever need to share the server with anyone else.

Dedicated Hosting Offers Premium Security

With shared hosting, your security can sometimes be compromised by questionable activities of another user on the same server. When your website is on its own server you minimize the risk of being impacted by other sites’ malware. Plus, you'll have complete control over all the security programs installed on your website.

Dedicated hosting is useful for:

  • Medium-sized businesses
  • Large businesses
  • Websites with heavy traffic

Enjoy Your Own Space

Even though you get unlimited space with a typical shared hosting plan, the fact is you have to share the unlimited space with other websites. If you're expecting a large amount of traffic, shared hosting may not serve to satisfy your requirements. With shared hosting, your host decides how much disk space you can use at any given moment. If you have a dedicated server, the bandwidth is actually unlimited for your applications operating in real time.

Experience Management at Its Best

If you're struggling to find the time to grow your business, web hosting via a dedicated server is a valid option. You won't need to spend time managing how well your server performs. Hosts monitor your private server 24 hours a day. Instead of spending unnecessary time checking if your server is up, down or somewhere in the middle, you can focus on hiring fantastic employees or gaining new clients.

Dedicated hosting benefits:

  • Little-to-no downtime
  • Professional management of your server
  • Reliability for your site

Even though it's tempting to select a shared hosting plan, you may want to consider using the most exclusive type of hosting if you have a demanding website. Consider the freedom you'll experience when you know that your server can operate at full capacity. If you manage a successful business or website, you owe it to yourself to have a plan that works harder to help you succeed.

Dedicated servers require special webmaster skills

Now that you're interested in having a dedicated server, you need to understand that this type of hosting requires detailed management. If you already have the knowledge to manage a server, feel free to control everything on your own. However, if you're not a talented, savvy webmaster, don't worry. You have the option to use a hosting plan that includes a team of dedicated managers.

With this type of dedicated hosting plan, experts will manage and monitor your server’s performance so you can focus on your work. It doesn't make any sense to pay for a shared hosting plan when you can use a full-service dedicated host with all the resources and power your website needs, so why limit yourself?

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