What Does Content is King Mean?

“Content is king” is a popular phrase in marketing. It refers to the importance of content for helping you bring in traffic and qualified leads.

More About Content is King

The Impact of Great Content

Brand Authority

Producing quality content is an increasingly important part of building a strong brand. Great content, defined as well-written and interesting content that captures the attention of readers, can create positive sentiment for a brand by introducing new customers to the business and helping to maintain loyalty among existing customers.


The phrase “content is king” originated in 1996 when Bill Gates wrote an essay by the same name. In this essay, Gates predicted that content would become the key determinant of success for websites and businesses.

Over time, this phrase has come to mean that businesses must invest in quality content to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engines use algorithms to determine which websites most closely match a user’s query, and quality content is one of the determining factors used by these algorithms.

Simply put, a website with well-written and relevant content will rank higher than one with poorly written or irrelevant content.


Building up the authority of a brand can also be advantageous to increasing website traffic.

Google search engine algorithms look for signals such as authority and relevance to determine ranking, so by creating content that is trusted, relevant and informative, it will help to improve organic visibility.


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