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Canada RULES: Net Neutrality

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Canada is the best! 

Who would have thought that our neighbor to the north’s humble origins as a dumping ground for people angry about elections would have such a rich and varied culture?

Canada has given the world so much!

I refer, of course, to things like Degrassi, Tablo, and a version of French that straight-up enrages French people.

All of these incredible inventions were created in Canada, America’s warm and friendly hat.

Introducing the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission

The CRTC is sort of like Canada’s FCC. The difference is that the FCC is currently run by a man with rocks in his head who will stop at nothing to ignore an overwhelming majority of public comments that don’t align with his own vision of the future, and CRTC is a mysterious, yet highly awesome, organization that I barely know anything about.

The CRTC has long been a supporter of net neutrality, and last month they laid down the law on zero rating in Canada. In short: you can’t do it.

(The CBC and The Register break it down pretty well if you’re looking for more info.)

As a result of the ruling, Canadian ISPs aren’t permitted to offer specific services that are exempt from a subscriber’s data usage, nor are they allowed to block or slow down specific traffic.

DreamHost has always been in favor of net neutrality, and we are strongly opposed to zero rating, so this is music to our ears. But . . . it’s also really sad.

Who’s Working for Whom?

It’s inspiring to see the people making decisions on the “other” side of Niagara Falls building policies that keep the best interests of their citizens front and center. It’s equally disheartening to see the people living in America (Canada’s underpants) subjected to such consumer-hostile policies from the very same regulatory body that’s supposed to protect them.

How could two countries, which agreed to establish the Great Lakes International Joint Commission in 1909 to help prevent and resolve disputes relating to the use and quality of boundary waters, be so very far away from each other in their ideas about how to regulate and protect one of the greatest shared resources of all?

Why do Canadians barely have to lift a finger to get their internet traffic treated fairly, while Americans have to beg and plead with the FCC and Congress regularly only to be ignored?

We may never know.

The Last Issue Standing: Data Caps

Things aren’t all rosy in Canada, though. For example, data caps are still a thing up there. I get that Rome wasn’t built in a day so it’s probably only a matter of time until that wrong gets righted, too.

Once Canada decides to kill data caps, man . . . we can pretend like Caillou never happened.

DreamHost supports a free and open internet.  If you’re in the U.S. and you want to help keep it that way, you can write to the FCC and Congress now!


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