What is Navigation?

On the web, the term “navigation” stands for moving from one website or page to another. Navigation is also a common term in web development and design. There’s an emphasis on making it easy for users to find the pages they need.

More About Navigation

Navigation is an essential part of web design. Good navigation will enable users to move from one page to another with ease and find the exact information they want within a website.

If a website’s design complicates navigation, it can lead to a poor user experience. That means fewer return visitors, less engagement, and fewer conversions (if applicable).

Typically, users expect to be able to navigate a website using a navigation menu. Some sites also include links in sidebars and footers so that users always have options for which page to visit next. For the best possible experience, each internal link should give users a descriptive idea of the page that they’re about to see.

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