What is a Link Farm?

A link farm is a collection of websites that exists to generate backlinks to other websites. In a nutshell, a link farm is a type of link scheme that support unethical link building.

More About Link Farms

Link farms often look like regular websites, except the quality of their content may be poor and demonstrate an obviously high link density. Sometimes link farms are created manually, but they are often made using automated software. This setup can make these websites appear even more suspicious.

The overall goal of a link farm is to help website owners manipulate (and improve) their search engine rankings. These site owners typically pay link farms for this service.

Using a link farm goes against SEO best practices and violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. While this unethical link scheme may improve a website’s rankings in the short run, Google web crawlers are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Therefore, it’s more likely that link farms will be caught and any associated sites punished with decreased rankings or even manual actions.

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