What is Page Load Time?

Page load time is, quite simply, the amount of time it takes for a webpage to load. In more technical terms, it is the time taken to download and display the entire content of a web page. It is usually measured in seconds.

More About Page Load Times

Many factors influence how quickly your web pages load. One of the main ones is your server’s speed and resources. Other notable factors include file sizes, code minification, caching, etc.

You can use a couple of tools to measure and analyze page load time. The first is Google PageSpeed Insights. Enter the URL of the page you’re looking to measure, and the tool will generate a page speed report. The report is divided into mobile and desktop page speed. It contains data on several different load time metrics.

Another popular tool is GTmetrix. As with Pagespeed Insights, you’re prompted to enter the URL, and then a detailed report is generated. GTmetrix’s report doesn’t have separate results for desktop and mobile, but it has more details, including a speed visualization summary.

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