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For the past several months, DreamHost has been working with the Department of Justice to comply with legal process, including a Search Warrant (PDF) seeking information about one of our customers’ websites.

At the center of the requests is disruptj20.org, a website that organized participants of political protests against the current United States administration. While we have no insight into the affidavit for the search warrant (those records are sealed), the DOJ has recently asked DreamHost to provide all information available to us about this website, its owner, and, more importantly, its visitors.


Records Requests

DreamHost, like many online service providers, is approached by law enforcement regularly to provide information about customers who may be the subject of criminal investigations. These types of requests are not uncommon; our legal department reviews and scrutinizes each request and, when necessary, rejects and challenges vague or faulty orders.
Denied stamp
You would be shocked to see just how many of these challenges we’re obligated to mount every year!

Chris Ghazarian, our General Counsel, has taken issue with this particular search warrant for being a highly untargeted demand that chills free association and the right of free speech afforded by the Constitution.

Demand for Information

The request from the DOJ demands that DreamHost hand over 1.3 million visitor IP addresses — in addition to contact information, email content, and photos of thousands of peoplein an effort to determine who simply visited the website. (Our customer has also been notified of the pending warrant on the account.)

That information could be used to identify any individuals who used this site to exercise and express political speech protected under the Constitution’s First Amendment. That should be enough to set alarm bells off in anyone’s mind.

DC Protest

This is, in our opinion, a strong example of investigatory overreach and a clear abuse of government authority.

As we do in all such cases where the improper collection of data is concerned, we challenged the Department of Justice on its warrant and attempted to quash its demands for this information through reason, logic, and legal process.

Instead of responding to our inquiries regarding the overbreadth of the warrant, the DOJ filed a motion (PDF) in the Washington, D.C. Superior Court, asking for an order to compel DreamHost to produce the records.

Our Opposition

Last Friday Mr. Ghazarian, with the help of his legal team and outside counsel, filed legal arguments in opposition (PDF) of the DOJ’s request for access to this trove of personally identifiable information.

This motion is our latest salvo in what has become a months-long battle to protect the identities of thousands of unwitting internet users. Mr. Ghazarian will attend a court hearing on the matter on August 18 in Washington, D.C.

We’ve been working closely with the Electronic Frontier Foundation and their counsel throughout this process. They’ve been nothing but supportive and helpful throughout, and we’re honored to have them in our corner. While the EFF is not representing us in this case, they understand our arguments and have been lending professional support.

Why Bother?

The internet was foundedand continues to survive, in the mainon its democratizing ability to facilitate a free exchange of ideas. Internet users have a reasonable expectation that they will not get swept up in criminal investigations simply by exercising their right to political speech against the government.

We intend to take whatever steps are necessary to support and shield these users from what is, in our view, a very unfocused search and an unlawful request for their personal information.

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Brett's the VP of Corporate Communications at DreamHost and definitely not a robot. He tweets as @TremendousValue and it's not great.


  1. This smacks of a political initiative regarding Trump’s upset over his inauguration numbers being so low. Any way to tell? I read (skimmed) through the warrant. I didn’t see any reference to charges. Is that not required?

    Thank you for standing up for your customers (and by default, the rest of us).

    1. Saroj, I read through the warrant and it looks like they’re implying the users of the website incited a riot (versus a peaceful protest, etc) in violation of DC Code 22-1322. I looked at the code, and it states that people who willfully engaged in said ‘riot’ will either face time in prison or a fine. I’m not a user of this site – but I did march in opposition of Trump and his agenda. I’m chilled to the bone that I could be prosecuted (or an attempt thereof) in the United States for expressing my opposition.

  2. “This is, in our opinion, a strong example of investigatory overreach and a clear abuse of government authority.”

    Just so, although I would replace “strong” with “chilling.”

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever been to the site, but I do read a lot of articles and don’t pay attention to where I am unless it really interests me, and I want to share it. Thank YOU so much for acting like real Americans. What the Justice Dept. is doing is SO wrong. Thank you for putting your customers first. I’ve been with you for many, many years. Proud I have been.

  4. Totally frightening. Un-American fake “populist” con artists installed in Washington by the gullible. Plaster this all over Facebook please….

  5. trump and his dept. of “justice” want this, while the sources of his dirty money are none of the public’s business. SMH.

  6. Good for you, Dreamhost. I’ve been a customer since 1999 and you guys have never let me down. Thank you for fighting for free speech.

  7. I am appalled at the DOJ for the records request. I have just posted to fb for EVERYONE to click, like and comment. Addresses won’t be in the thousands… let’s hope in the millions!

  8. Just visited disruptj20.org. So is trump going to have me arrested for checking it out for less than a minute. I am a single mother sitting in her P.J.s at the kitchen table at midnight. Like I am a real threat. Is this still a democracy or has a dictator taken over. We all should be scared!

  9. Thank you Dreamhost! Not only do you fight for justice of our sacred interwebs… You also have the best friggin’ newsletters to ever rock the free world.

  10. My name is Lisa Hawks. I actively and fully support my resistance and support for the end of this presidency and it’s own inner circle. Call me. Seriously.

    1. Sorry Lisa, but the election was last November. You’re about 9 months too late. MAGA!!

  11. I’ve been with Dreamhost since the end of 2005 and I couldn’t be prouder. You are taking a stand for what is right, not what is easy. Thank you for being a leader in how hosting providers should behave when governments come calling!

  12. Uhhhhhh, according to DOJ motion: disruptj20.org “participated in the organization of a violent riot in Washington DC on January 20, 2017”. Violent riot on inauguration day? As horrible as that day was, I don’t recall any “violent” riots. I barely recall any civil disobedience. DO J really being wagged by it’s tail here.

    Of course, when DH or same gets similar warrant re: “unite the right” websites, it needs to be just as diligent in not providing bossier information on all the users/visitors to organizing websites. Sadly.

  13. And would you take as strong a stance against a request for leftist affiliated data? Somehow I think you would not be making such a big deal about it, and would probably hand over the user data…but since it’s Trump, you’ll fight it tooth & nail, right?

    1. Think again. DH was against Obama surveillance as well. I guess if Trump violated your constitutional rights and privacy as well you would be OK with it just because leftists spoke out against it.

  14. Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    A Dreamhost customer who may or may not have visited the site in question (I honestly don’t recall, but it’s entirely possible.)

    Thank you for being patriots instead of nationalists!

  15. Thank you DreamHost! I have been hosting with you since 2010 and this is why I will continue.

  16. Don’t store visitor data in the first place.

    Pipe it through whatever analytics you run right away. No need to hoard it.

  17. This is Big Brother in action, next step is isolate the free thinkers and control the narrative.

  18. Dear DreamHost,

    While I am a big supporter of President Trump and his administration, I am not a supporter of this over reach, if that is what it was.

    I am concerned, though, would you have fought as hard if this was a site on the other side of the political spectrum? Corporations are often quick to scream injustice and protect a side they agree with only to totally trample the rights of others. While I am a big supporter of the current administration, that does not change my views on the right of people to be anonymous and have privacy. I see some much “preaching” about this and then watch those that are preaching totally reverse when its surrounds something they don’t agree with.

    So, which is it with you people? Are you the “hypocritical assholes” of the left or are you truly for equal rights for all? I am not accusing you either way because, frankly, I don’t know. Your show of good faith to your users is angering some of my fellow supporters. …and they’re angry at me for supporting privacy rights. You’re doing a good thing here as long as it is applied equally. If its not applied equally, it is a very bad thing.

    Just remember when the shoe gets on the other foot, OK? We’ll be watching.

    1. I would like to take issue with only one thing you’ve said. Your overall concern is valid; people should be careful and observant and at times even wary. But your characterization of “hypocritical assholes” as being from the “Left” is totally wrong. Hypocrites comes in all stripes, all colors, and all political leanings. In fact you would do well to examine the man you strongly support, Donald Trump.

      Just yesterday he attacked the CEO of Merck Pharmaceuticals via Twitter. Yet that attack is only three weeks after Mr. Trump praised him as being a “Genius”. So you see, Hypocrisy is not a trait solely bound to the political left, it is a trait practiced far and wide … and these days all too often by a man that should be a steady unwavering voice of truth.

    2. too bad DH doesn’t host dailystormer.com; we could find out how they reacted to that warrant.

      1. dailystormer.com cannot be protected from a warrant
        because they are tied to a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION
        where 3 peoples died

        Protests are not a crime last time I checked
        And certainly the DOJ Trump initiated witchhunt
        is not validated by any *hypothetical crime*

        Not the first time Trump administration
        try to obtain opponents names and address
        for the purpose of murder by far right maniacs

        You guys have a history all the way back to Hitler
        and to slavery. Not a nice history

        We’ll be watching you NetRanger.net
        Don’t be surprised when agencies
        come knocking on your door

        don’t bother trying to find me
        email is bogus
        dear Mr. Far Right Black Hat Hacker “Nathan Ranger”
        of NetRanger.org
        a known far right hub

        But the supercell thunderstorm due next weekend are not
        with such bad weather
        cancelling your creepy events is a good idea

      2. I cathy drake strongly support President Donald Trump.. listen to the voice of the TRUTH.. give him a change just like you all the another President…

    3. DreamHost isn’t concerned with this administrations overreach. It’s concerned with all government overreach, regardless of the party in power. See their report from 2014 when Obama was president where they still denied government requests.

      This is why I’m a supporter of organizations like the ACLU, who will defend both Left and Right, and everyone in between. I may not agree with you, but I will defend your rights, and this is what seems to be happening here, a consistent application of ideals to protect DH’s customers.

  19. Thank you, Dreamhost, for protecting our freedoms — unlike the vile fascists in D.C. who are supposed to be doing that!

  20. Thank you for your integrity. I don’t have a website but if I ever do, it will be hosted by you. I am posting to FB so all who need a hosting service will send business your way.

  21. Proud to be a customer of over 10 years and a longstanding fan of democratic rights, of which digital freedom and privacy are a subset.

    Here’s my amicus curiae brief (and it is brief):

    F*** you, DOJ.

  22. Heartily greets from Germany! Stay strong against every forms of (Trump’ian) fascism, racism and Nazis. Thank you for your work.

  23. I’m going to that site now and encourage others to do the same. Let’s good it with millions of visitors in support.

  24. I’ve also hosted a website here for many years, and I’ve never been happier about it – thank you, DreamHost, for representing what America REALLY stands for!

  25. Super proud of you guys. You will get ALL OF MY BUSINESS. I host many, many sites and they all will be migrated to Dream Host. Also, do you have a fund raiser in place to help with legal costs? i would be delighted to donate! Please also consider asking the ACLU for support

  26. Just visiting to make sure my name gets swept up along with all the others. I wonder if the President or Sessions has ordered all the names of those who have visited the websites of the Racist right to organize rallies to be turned over… not saying they should, just making the point that this is an outrages example of politically motivated justice department overreach. Now they have my contact info and I hope they come visit. I’ll happily report on the entire interview.

  27. What that guy says! He has done enough damage already. This is not the American way to live.

  28. I cannot tell you how proud I am to be a DreamHost customer. Your strong stance against this obvious overreach should be commended and supported by every American. The DOJ’s attempt to obtain details on people *simply because they disagree with someone in power* is a tactic previously seen only in Dictatorships. Thank you DreamHost. Thank you Mr. Ghazarian and team. Thank you EFF.

  29. Another long time customer who wants to thank you for standing for true American values.

  30. Visiting and commenting here for the first time just to make the job of the Justice Department more onerous in case they are successful in forcing hand-over of site files.

  31. Thank you for fighting this. This is what patriotism and democracy look like. Came to your site to make sure I’m included in the round up, because that’s what this is. The right’s fight to silence those who exercise our right to free speech and assembly is under assault, unless we agree with them. One of the many steps to the downfall of democracy.

  32. How can we assist in you’re fight against this demand for your records? Can I contribute to the legal costs? Thank you for figniting for the privacy of your users.

  33. Here I am, little man with the little brain. Geez, you guys at the Department of Justice need a tutorial on why the Justice Department exists. Can’t be anymore stupid.

  34. Keep up the good work. Thankful that there are still those that protect the rights and freedoms of American citizens. I’m not a customer, but I wanted to drop by and personally thank you for taking a stand and doing the right thing. Commenting with my REAL NAME – something I rarely do online, but I wanted to make a statement in opposition to this corrupt administration and the DOJ when it comes to matters like this!

  35. This is incredible! I’m failing to see what grounds the Justice Department has for seeking this information! First a committe set up by this administration tries to obtain private voter information from all the states and now this! My gosh…this is all starting to remind me Nazi germany or Russia! Certainly not the America I know! Shame on you Jeff Sessions for no doubt trying to appease POTUS and disregard the Constitution. Keep up the good fight dreamhost! It is critical!

  36. Stay strong and fight this ridiculous, illegal and bullying request from the DOJ! You’re in the right!

  37. This is scary. I couldn’t believe it when I first read about it this morning: they’re not even trying to hide that the DoJ is being used by the Administration to go after the president’s opponents!!! I’m not an American citizen, and I don’t live in the US and so as there’s nothing else I can do I’d urge all democracy-loving US citizens to stand up against this move, a move that’s typical of dictators and autocrats. You simply can’t accept this!

  38. Incredible. I’ve been a dreamhost customer for many years and I completely support you standing up to this clear overreach.

  39. Continue the fight. We did not fight for our rights in the 60’s against the FBI and other government agencies to have them stomped on by this administration. This should concern everyone – the overstep of our protected constitutional rights.

  40. Bravo, @Dreamhost! I ditched GoDaddy and moved all my domain registrations and hosting to Dreamhost years ago for precisely this kind of reason! Keep up the good fight!

  41. That is awesome!

    I am not a member of their website. I came here after seeing the story on MSN. When we start our website again, it will definitely be here!

    That is the only thing I found challenging. There is no phone number to tell them they are appreciated from the general public. I can’t be the only one who wanted to say something that wasn’t a part of dreamhost!

  42. If I could give you my business, I would. In the future, I might.
    Thank you for keeping a critical eye to the requests, and mindful of the reasonable privacy of your users.

  43. The only wall this country needs is a solid barrier between the citizenry and those who (ahem…cough, cough…) elected/appointed to positions of public trust.

    The opposite of courage isn’t cowardice, its conformity – Jim Hightower

  44. I am a very proud Dreamhost customer today! I have been using you guys for years and totally support your fight to maintain customer privacy! Hang in there!

  45. Speaking as someone who has been a customer of yours for many years (it might even be a decade or more now, it’s been a LONG time in internet years), I’m very happy to see you standing up to this.

    Keep it up. Thank you.

  46. Thank you, DreamHost and EFF! I strongly support your resistance to this naked political overreach.

  47. Thank you for everything you’re doing. I’ve been a Dreamhost customer for years and the thought of my information (including visitors!) being mass-collected by the government, especially in regard to Constitutionally protected free speech and freedom of assembly, is equal parts galling and terrifying. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Please continue fighting!

  48. Never heard of DreamHost, never attended any events through DreamHost. I demand that my name be added to the list of people to be investigated for opposition to the Trump regime.

    1. Love it!!!

      Best Reader Response Award in what has been a pretty busy month of seriously wretched behavior by The Great Yam. Carry on! (I will jump to DH as well).)

  49. The sad thing is that if you are compelled to turn over the info the current administration is anal and paranoid enough to track down all 1.3 million people and harass them because they don’t like a megalomaniacal despot that lost the popular vote and how is ruining this once great notion. #NotMAGA.

  50. No matter how careful an organizer is to channel non-violent protest, there’s no way to prevent the outbreak of violence at a gathering. Absent an allegation of specific intent to encite violence or some other “fire In a theater” situation, it’s doubtful that the DOJ request is proper.

    It’d be interesting to see if DOJ is equally interested in identifying visitors to sites seeking support for alt-right protests in Charlottesville.

  51. Keep up the good fight, Dreamhost-!! Because worked on TV and broadcast projects with and for Donald Trump, (And his ad agency) going back several years ,and Trump calling me a “Jew Spick” when he heard my Spanish Accent, and my explaining how I wound up growing up in a South American Jungle town, and then Trump asking us not to use “Niggers” on camera on the TV projects, I can speak from experience, that this is a Dangerous, Selfish, Hateful man , who has put together a dangerous regime reminiscent of the Hitler Nazi Years. Furthermore, having grown up with parents who were Holocaust Survivors, who wound up in South America and they being the only ones left after the Nazi’s sent their families to Concentration Camps and killing them, there is NO WAY that I would cooperate and turn over personal info and documents as requested by these Irrational Trump-Sesions-Pence and other of his men that want to destroy our freedoms. I would hope that Dreamhost, and any Hosting or other company does not violate our rights, and the first amendment. I have joined the ACLU as well to fight these wrongs. Thanks for reading.

  52. Thank you Dreamhost for standing up for what is right! I’ve been a customer for many years and will stick with you forever. This is a clear abuse of power. It’s unconstitutional. It’s incredibly chilling. Do not give in!

  53. I hope you would also oppose a socialist inquiry as well. Which is more consistent with that ideology than with an anti government administration. Thank god we didn’t get Hillary!

    1. Ah, so if their ideology is “anti-government” it’s OK then to overreach and violate our rights as citizens? What a freaking ridiculous whataboutism. And guess what, there are no socialists in office!

      Hillary would have undoubtedly been a better president than the orange clown in the WH.

    1. Cart before the horse, Joseph. The lawfulness of the warrant in under debate, legally, within the system. Don’t bother insisting it’s inherently legal; your bias already shows.

    2. They might be abusing their power here. Depends what they want the information for. There has to be probable cause of a crime to go digging esp if it is too broad. Judges often sign them without too many questions which is problematic with this administration.

    3. The warrant can be challenged. Another judge will have to look at it to see if it’s reasonable. They are doing nothing illegal and in fact they are protecting us as citizens from unreasonable search. It the cornerstone of our Constitution.

  54. @Dreamhost Thank you for protecting our privacy! How can we help you in this fight?

  55. Thank you!! This brings back too many memories of the 60’s – Nixon years – etc!! Trump must go down in history as the worst president EVER!! BTW Mr Trump, MY America was fine before you!!

  56. Actions have consequences. Only one group had a legal permit to march in Charlottesville, all others were illegal. Let the law prevail.

    1. You are uninformed. People have the right to counter protest without a permit in any circumstances when they are groups of small numbers. In circumstances when groups are protesting in response to breaking news, which is the situation in this instance due to the incendiary nature of the “Unite the Right” rally, people have the legal right to protest in larger numbers, and can do so without a permit. https://www.aclu-il.org/en/news/when-can-government-require-permit-protest

  57. Not a user

    But I support your stance of protecting your users
    against such overreach

    warrants should always be very specific
    and related to a known crime

  58. As a foreigner (from Sweden) I find it outrageous that a government pry into citizen’s opinions about society and politics. Like 1984 by Orwell.

  59. I’m in and posted the article on my Facebook page. Keep up the good work. Retired Pschologist and proud to be a social progressive. I was active in the 60’s an old hippy I never thought I would be fighting the KKK in 2017. “Game On”

  60. My name is Sherri. I’m proud to be part of the resistance. We will carry on until the end of this presidency to the end of misogyny racism discrimination bigotry. We will never accept trump as our president.

  61. But everyone commenting against this, had ZERO PROBLEMS when Obama spied on American citizens, and world leaders. You are ALL HYPOCRITES.

    1. “BUT OBAMA DID IT” Wow, is that really your only argument? Deflection? Quit defending Trump because Obama (or Hillary) did the same thing. It’s childish.

      Besides, how do you know people against this (i.e. common sense people) weren’t against NSA espionage either? I was and supported Edward Snowden in his whistleblowing efforts. Most people did.

      This is a violation of civil rights and privacy. Stop making a fool of yourself.

  62. Dreamhost is making history!

    Proud to be a DH user and will support DH in this fight and our freedoms to prevent a real ‘1984’

    Keep us posted and let us know what to do.

  63. Hey, Jeff Sessions!

    Not only did I visit disruptJ20.org, but I chipped in $100 for protesters’ legal defense. Those who took to the streets on January 20th are America’s true heroes.

  64. I had heard of neither DreamHost nor disruptj20 before today. Thank you for you stance. I propose all conscientious Americans add our names to the list of 1.3 million names. Mine is Chip Murphy.

    1. Me neither. Ironic, isn’t it? Because the DoJ pretty much just gave free publicity to a website I’d never heard of. Streisand effect.

  65. Thank you DreamHost for standing up to an obvious oppressive move by the Trump administration to squelch dissent. You rock!

  66. Dreamhost : Keep up the good work. I am reminded of Martin Niemöller’s famous words:

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  67. I am not a DreamHost customer, but I am so grateful for the way you stand up for the people who want to make the world a better place!

    Kudos! and the next time I am in need of web hosting, I will be giving you my business.

  68. Shocking overreach by the government. An obvious attempt by Sessions and DOJ to intimidate protesters and suppress anti-Trump speech (straight out of Putin’s playbook). I’m so glad you are standing up for what is right. How can we help?

  69. Thank you for standing up for our civil liberties. I will be moving all my business to you.

  70. Thank you, Dreamhost, for acting in behalf of all of our civil liberties.

    John Q, plenty of people objected to the Obama administration’s actions – start your research with the ACLU.

  71. Been using you folks for many many years and now I am more delighted with you than ever before. Stand Firm!
    Let the govt examine itself and not everyone else

  72. I’m with you. If you need me. I’ll be there.

    Tyrants wish to make us small. They wish to make us frightened. They wish to make us silent.

    As citizen of this republic; we will not be small, we will not be frightened, we will not be silent.

  73. Don’t have a website by would sign up with you if I did. Thank you! DOJ overreach WRONG!

  74. Thank you DreamHost.
    My name is Steve Keltz and if the Justice Department is looking for PROUD dissenters against Trump and the losers he has saddled us with they are welcome to check my Facebook page.

  75. Not a user, but thank you for challenging these types requests. The request should be specific.

  76. Mr. Murphy above echos my view of never having heard of DreamHost. Any government who seeks information on citizens expressing a First Amendment opinion view, equates itself with Nazis and Fascists. This kind of government needs to be stopped. Please add my name to your list you are forced to turnover. Meanwhile, keep up the good fight.

    Mr. Trump, bring on your Gestapo!

  77. Thank you for helping to raise visibility into this issue. It’s unfortunate that such improper requests come in regularly, and even moreso that many recipients of such requests will not have the fortitude or funds to defend against them.

    DreamHost standing against this is not only a benefit for the website in question, or the visitors of it, etc., but for everyone who believes in individual rights, freedoms, and privacy. Whether or not these people use DreamHost, or access any site hosted by DreamHost, it is only thru the challenging of overreach, that we can defend these rights.

    For those reading this article, I would encourage you, not only consider DreamHost’s position on this, but that of every other vendor you deal with; would they defend your privacy (as their customer or not) from an improper search warrant, or would they shrug and comply?

    If this search warrant concerns you, don’t just read this article, also do read about the EFF’s efforts. Even more important than any money you spend, is the power of the vote. Inform your elected representatives how you feel about your rights, and how you feel about the idea of them being infringed upon.

    Whatever your political views, please _do_ communicate with your elected representatives, and let them know how you feel about things. Don’t let them live in an echo chamber with the only external voices being those of lobbyists.

    1. Robert — Mostly, I couldn’t agree with you more; there’s only one point on which I’d seriously disagree, namely your reference to our “elected representatives”. The implicit assumption of course is that they actually represent us, rather than the monied interests who generally run the show. But to know better, we need look no further than the near-unanimous passage of the execrable USAPATRIOT act, endorsed by Demicans and Republocrats alike, without their taking the trouble actually to read it. An act, by the way, that must have taken weeks to months to prepare, not the days elapsing after 9-11-01. That fact alone should have rung alarm bells from one end of Capitol Hill to the other, but of course we all know, or should know, how it really went down.

      No, sir, with respect I suggest that we must first find and elect people who understand that their primary responsibility is to uphold their solemn oath to support and defend the Constitution and our republic, not run along their party treadmill to assure that “corporate persons” will provide for their reelection.

  78. Dreamhost has been my ISP for several years. I strongly support its efforts quash this over-reaching subpoena. Similar to the recent request for voter information, this information is provided will wind up in the wrong hands.

  79. I am a 73 year old grandmother. I was born when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President, followed by Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama while I aged into a mature lover of democracy. I have traveled to many countries of the world, none as blessed as the United States of America. This man, Donald Trump, with the help of his mindless “advisors” threatens to destroy what our sons and daughters have fought and died to preserve. Like the Confederate statues, this man who is called President needs to be pulled down and tossed out. Impeachment, anyone?

  80. Thank you for always doing what’s right. I am proud to be part of your DreamHost family.

  81. Thank you, Dreamhost. This is a great example of why I switched from GoDaddy to your company. Thanks for doing the right thing.

  82. So why were you logging AND RETAINING this data if you are so concerned about being compelled to turn it over to the DoJ?

  83. I want to join Dreamhost…….after what #45 said today, it is every loyal Americans duty to stand up and be heard…….#45 is a terrible horrible man and needs removed from the White House NOW

  84. Dreamhost…. I am you…. I am with you and I stand behind you! Continue the fight against evil!!!!

  85. When the sight of Bob Parsons gleefully shooting captive game finally propelled my lazy ass to ditch GoDaddy I looked for a host with more humane values and settled on DreamHost.

    I love being proved right, and DH has done it again.

    And to those of you who think this is political, do some research before running your mouth. Over the years, DreamHost has taken principled stands across the political spectrum. That’s why I stick with them; they seem more motivated by principle more than profit or politics. Couldn’t be more proud.

    1. Excellent point. The right thinks they’re motivated by ideology, and yet they were vocally opposed to the NSA surveillance of the Obama administration.

  86. I wish Dreamhost would fight this hard to keep their email systems up and running. Bunch of amateurs at best.

  87. I’m with another provider, who was sold recently, after 10 years with them I might just mover over just to be a part of the tribe there, 13 million visitor records? NO.

  88. Thanks for fighting this request, and I hope you prevail! I have been a customer for several years and I appreciate your dedication and integrity to both this egregious request and your business as a whole. I’ll be watching the outcome as it unfolds.

  89. Standing with DreamHost because Trump and his DOJ are not aligned with freedom of speech, justice and equality for all.

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

  90. I used to use Dream Host but it wasn’t right for me (I wanted to try it because I am a Claremont Colleges alumni–wanted to support another alumni). I’m not part of any resistance and I’m not sure why the DOJ finds it necessary to release all user information. This order is from the Department of Justice, not President Trump. President’s do not have any power over the DOJ.

  91. As a long time customer, I am proud of my hosting company for defending free speech and protecting your users. Shame that it has come to this.

  92. I’m not wealthy but I’d like to contribute something to help. Is there any way to do that?

  93. Happy to be a long time Dreamhost user. I don’t spend much but they treat me like a VIP.

    Les Hall, Dallas, TX

  94. I’m a Trump supporter, but it APPALLS me to think that the gov’t could do this w/o any checks and balances!! This is terrifying! I want to say that I support you in this fight and hope you succeed in thwarting this naked attempt to breach our God given right to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and association and the right of redress for grievances. I can’t say that I approve of the ACTIONS those folks take who oppose the validly and duly elected President of the USA, however, online, they have every right to say what they please, look at what they please, with whom they please, same as the rights that I hope to preserve for myself, my family and my friends. (Heck, in turn, I never liked Obama, so it’s only fair!) I mean, I’ve investigated some pretty severe alt-right, KKK, etc., sites and I’d hate to be accused of THEIR physical, real world crimes, (if any), just because I was curious and wandered over to their sites to see what all the fuss was about! That’s so un-American, it’s terrifying!!

  95. I love DreamHost. Keep up the good fight. I’ve been a customer for at least 10 years. Have always believed in this company.

  96. I am not against Trump nor am I a protester, but requesting private information of VISITORS of a website the administration doesn’t like is quite frankly the most Orwellian thing I’ve heard recently.

  97. I have been a customer since 2006. I am now proud to continue being a customer.

    Free speech is not always beautiful. Free speech is the cornerstone of debate on the merits of the speech. Suppression is not how we make progress.

  98. Please don’t forget that all of this will be for nothing if you don’t also don’t continue to support far right websites.

  99. Bravo, DH! You are on the front lines in the resistance to the Fascist-wannabe’s who have captured much of the Executive Branch and significant parts of the Judicial Branch of our government, while turning the Legislative Branch into a paralyzed mass of frightened, ineffectual and self-seeking party PAC-hacks.

    When I enlisted in the U.S. Army reserve at the age of seventeen in 1954 I signed the same oath to uphold and defend the Constitution (not the President, not the Congress, not the Courts!) signed by every service person — and Peace Officers and elected officials, too, I think. That oath is still binding, and requires me to do whatever I can to defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

    As I matured I observed, first with annoyance, then with concern, then with dismay and finally with outrage the steady erosion of and outright attack upon our Constitution perpetrated by successive waves of people for whom that Constitution was, in Dubya’s alleged words, “Just a goddam piece of paper”. It is that so-far-inadequately-challenged pattern that has brought us to this pass. And it is that pattern that will leave the American experiment as so much maggot-infested roadkill on the highway to worldwide criminal sovereignty unless we find a way to alter it.

    Like the Men of the West before the Black Gate of Mordor, we are challenged to stand resolute in the face of daunting realities offering little plausible hope of prevailing. But stand we must, or be foresworn.

  100. If you have to provide a list to DOJ, I want you to include my information with everybody else’s.

  101. I saw this on a Facebook post. Thank you for doing what is right. You are defending our Constitutional rights more than our own sorry A** president.

  102. Thank you to Dreamhost for doing what’s right. Not a current customer, but have been in the past and this puts you at the top of my list if I need similar services in the future. Please let us know how we can help with legal fees!

  103. Adding my thanks and support to your push-back on DOJ’s overreaching request for information. If there’s anything I can do to help please contact me (you have my information!)

  104. Hi DreamHost. I never heard of you until now, but I headed right over. Keep doing the right thing. Tell Jeff Sessions to shove it.

  105. I am very disappointed by the government’s position on this. I think this is worse than has been portrayed. We are appropriately concerned that the government will obtain information about those who wanted to express opposition to this president. This seems contrary to the basic principles of our country.
    In addition, people could have many reasons for visiting the website in addition to expressing opposition to this president. Haven’t we all used search engines and stumbled across websites unintentionally? Do those of us who have used search engines want to find that the FBI has opened a file on us? I can imagine people stumbling across the website if I was researching “trending websites,” writing a paper on the topic, researching inaugurations and protests, working as a reporter, possibly attending the inauguration but wanting to ensure the safety of my family, etc.

    Should people have FBI files opened on them for stumbling across a website?

    I do not understand the government’s position on this search warrant. I am disappointed.

  106. Thank you, Dreamhost, for fighting to preserve the privacy of your users against a grotesque fishing expedition. In admiration of your principled action.

  107. I visited ResistJ20 before the election and even contributed $10. So can I expect a visit from the FBI? That would be great. We could discuss some politics and stuff.

  108. Thank you for “taking whatever steps are necessary to support and shield these users from what is clearly a very unfocused search and an unlawful request for their personal information.” In this frightening political climate we must all stand up against tyranny- for that is what this is.

  109. Remember, we didn’t win. We just kicked the can a little further down the road.

    Big thanks to the brave folks at Dreamhost, the EFF and all those who signed the online petitions. Special thanks to those Trump Supporters who didn’t let their political views cloud their judgement. Some things are bigger than the Left/Right divide… such as Justice, Freedom and the inviolability of the Constitution.

    Thanks also to those non-Americans who responded in their millions to this absurd threat to worldwide internet privacy.

    Unfortunately the fight was not won. The DoJ is simply trying to back away from the case … this means they WILL try it again. Perhaps the next host they go after won’t put up such a fight – or may simply not have the resources.

    Stay vigilant. Stay strong. Stay united. They won’t stop till they have unfettered access to your data.

  110. DreamHost should immediately stop retaining the visitor logs that enable these dragnets. No reason for more legal battles, just commit to not retaining the information in the first place, perhaps with a “warrant canary” or other mechanism to assure users their privacy is protected.

  111. Nowadays the research of the personalized web only focuses on how to improve the quality of the search, ignoring the protection of user privacy. Internet privacy is one of the most important things web users are facing.

  112. Thank you for resisting destruction of our Constitutional rights. DOJ should not be allowed to execute a show-me-everything demand.

    If I used a telephone to say something the government doesn’t like, is the phone company required to hand over records of all callers? No, they have to request specific data, on a specific target, for good and verified reasons.

    Just for curiosity, I understand that you collect IP data and other identifying information in the course of business, but why do retain the data? Is there an internal business reason that you need to keep those data, or do you keep them solely to assist government investigations? What if you destroyed the data when you were through with them? Could the government charge you with destroying evidence? Can they require that you incur the expense of retaining unneeded data just in case they want to go fishing?

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