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Let’s Save Our Environment Lyrics!

We have now mostly deciphered the lyrics to the video for which we are now having a
remix contest (courtesy of my uncle’s transcription service):


Let’s save our environment that we may be free
Free to enj-hoy the beauty of nature’s serendipity

Our rivers are full of wealth
Fish and transport bring us health
Lily’s pistil arches its head inviting honey bees to bed
Is satisfying wants answer, our loved ones finding cancer
Let’s, Let’s modify our greed, add non-pollution to our creed


Gliding with the playful dolphins
adventurous spectacles to revel in
Varied and vibrant color fests are new england’s forests
Our air, water and sea spray have become so FOUL!.
We cannot [imbibe or inveigh] what is free, free like a good vibe.


Couldn’t we prefer a propriety with less violence in our society
Where our own warm vibes, comfort ourselves and our tribes
Is destroying beauteous life worth a third wing to impress your wife?
What kind of life is our greatness when we think kindness a weakness


Touching! If anyone can figure out the ?????? part, please post in the comments! (Update: It’s probably “Fish and”!)

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