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DreamHost October Newslettery: What’s That Feature?

DreamHost WTF
Written by ellice

If you are a DreamHost customer, you’re probably already familiar with our newsletter that finds its way into your inbox once a month. We know some of you love it, and some of you hate it — and we’re OK with that! We try to be as informative as possible, while staying true to one of our favorite core values: being irreverent and fun!

In case you don’t read it every month, we’ve decided to showcase one of the most important sections of the newsletter here on the blog. Every month, we will be featuring the “DreamHost WTF” portion of the prior month’s newsletter. WTF?

The DreamHost WTF (What’s that Feature) section focuses on a specific aspect a user can find in their DreamHost account, breaking it down so it’s easy to understand, and provides relevant information and wiki articles to help you if you should ever choose to use the function.

Read on to find out more about October’s WTF, and follow along on Twitter with the hashtag #DreamHostWTF so you never miss a feature!

The following was originally featured in the October DreamHost newsletter, which you can view here:

What’s that feature? It’s XMPP!

The “Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol” first hit the scene as something called “Jabber” back in 1999.

You can do a lot with XMPP these days, but its primary use for most people is that of an open, interoperable, instant messaging protocol.

XMPP is enabled by default for all domains hosted at DreamHost!

What does that mean for you? It means you can run your own personal instant messaging server with DreamHost at no extra cost! Today!

Right now!

There are a TON of different XMPP clients avilable for every platform imaginable. Some have beautiful GUIs and some look very open-sourcey, but all of them put the power into your hands.

A few of them even bring encryption into your IMs, giving you TRUE freedom from the sometimes-sketchy privacy policies of the guys running the major IM networks. List of XMPP Clients

We love XMPP so much that we run it here at DreamHost for all of our own instant messages internally.

To get started, visit our wiki!

DreamHost Wiki: Jabber (XMPP)

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