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DreamHost Celebrates Open Source Throughout February

DreamHost Celebrates Open Source Throughout February

Promotions and Content Planned All Month Long

LOS ANGELES, California—February 6, 2015—DreamHost®, a global leader in web hosting and cloud services for entrepreneurs and developers, today declared February “International Open Source Appreciation Month” simply because it could.

“That’s actually not true,” protested Senior Director of Online Marketing, Mark Medina. “DreamHost was founded on open source technology and open source software provides the foundation behind core DreamHost systems. We wanted to pay our respects to this incredible movement with a month-long tribute.” Pausing to reconsider his argument, Medina continued “And also because we could. Yeah, you’re right. My bad on that.”

Throughout the month of February, DreamHost will be offering a series of promotions and blog posts from subject-matter experts — its own employees — to celebrate the open source movement.

DreamHost has long been an advocate for, an active user of, and a contributor to a number of open source projects.

  • In 2014 the company rolled out access to DreamCompute, an OpenStack-based public cloud computing service designed to scale against any computing-intensive need.
  • DreamHost’s CEO, Simon Anderson, was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the OpenStack Foundation for the third year in a row!
  • DreamHost’s vaunted object storage system, DreamObjects, is based on Ceph, an open-source storage system incubated within the DreamHost labs. API-compatible with Amazon S3, DreamObjects provides an open alternative to proprietary AWS systems.
  • DreamHost’s managed WordPress offering, DreamPress, brings the power of the Internet’s most popular open-source content management system to users while at the same time freeing them from having to sweat the technical details of the architecture behind it.

Just thinking about open source software makes DreamHost warm in a part of its chest that was heretofore undiscovered by any previous emotional responses.

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