Support Driven Leadership Summit, November 2023

Oakland, CA November 14 - 15, 2023 Ended

Speaking Engagements

Support Driven Leadership Summit, Oakland 2023

DreamHost’s Vice President of Technical Support, Andrea Silas, will speaking at Support Driven Leadership Summit 2023 in Oakland this November!

Andrea will help attendees understand how organizations can harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to assist their support teams in providing lightning-fast customer resolutions. Timing and location of this talk are TBA.

If you’ll be attending November’s Support Driven Leadership Summit, click here to schedule a meeting with Andrea at the show!

Two Heads Are Better Than One: How AI Can Work Together with Human Agents to Provide Superior Customer Support

The promise of AI has been dangled in front of customer support teams for years, but truly useful AI tools have only recently become available. Hear how our support organization is using AI to augment – not replace – support staff to build institutional knowledge and provide faster-than-ever contact resolutions. “Adopt AI and reduce your headcount” is not a mantra anyone should be chanting. Two heads will always be better than one, especially if one is made of metal!

You’ll learn how and why a highly-trained virtual assistant sitting right alongside every member of your support team can give you a competitive advantage in your industry, and you’ll learn how to do it without negatively impacting your culture, metrics, or team satisfaction.

Andrea Silas Headshot
About Andrea

As the Vice President of Technical Support for DreamHost, Andrea Silas leads a team of highly qualified agents, offering 24/7 support to customers around the globe. Andrea joined the DreamHost family in 2003 and moved into her VP position in 2014, where her main focus is providing near-instantaneous support through multiple languages and various channels, including Live Chat, email, social media, and self-help services. Constantly evolving by anticipating customer needs, and utilizing a team that spans nine countries and across all time zones, Andrea has established a cross-channel experience, greatly helping an increasingly connected, technical, and worldwide customer base. With nearly two decades of experience in Technical Support, Andrea epitomizes empowered leadership as she pursues her ultimate team goal of zero wait-time responses, while continuing to uphold company core values. As a result, DreamHost is consistently recognized for its exceptional customer service.