DreamPress Performance Improvements: Object Caching for DreamPress Pro Customers

DreamPress Performance Improvements: Object Caching for DreamPress Pro Customers

At DreamHost, our team members around the world are focused every day on creating, developing, and improving our products, services, and infrastructure with a single goal in mind: your online success.

Your website’s performance is critical to online success. That’s why I’m excited to announce that all new and existing DreamPress Pro websites will receive object caching at no additional cost!

Object Caching, Powered by Redis

Object caching is a powerful feature that significantly improves the performance of your WordPress website by storing the results of database queries in your server’s memory. This allows your website to quickly retrieve this information instead of having to query the database every time a user visits your website. The end result is faster load times and a smoother browsing experience for your visitors.

With the addition of object caching as a standard feature of our DreamPress Pro plans, you’ll notice the inclusion of the Redis Object Cache plugin in the WordPress admin dashboard. This provides the integration with the backend object cache system powered by Redis. Our team has taken care of the complex backend integration, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of this feature without any additional hassle, configuration, or cost.

The beating heart of WordPress is its database and everything depends on it. The website content, categories and taxonomies, settings for themes and plugins, and more are all stored in this database. Each time someone visits an uncached page, WordPress must query the database for this information. Object caching keeps those results in memory making WordPress more responsive.

Sites That Will Benefit Most from Object Caching

While all WordPress sites use a database and will benefit from object caching, some are particularly database-intensive and see significant performance improvements. Our testing demonstrated the following sites are well-suited for the benefits of object caching:

  • E-commerce sites: Object caching can help improve the performance of e-commerce sites by storing frequently accessed data, such as product information, user sessions, and shopping carts.
  • Membership sites: Sites that require users to log in and access restricted content can benefit from object caching by storing user sessions in memory and reducing the number of database queries required.
  • News or blog sites: Sites with high traffic and frequent content updates can benefit from object caching by storing frequently accessed content, such as the latest articles or most popular posts.
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