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DreamHost Releases 2014 Transparency Report

First ever in company's history

LOS ANGELES, CA—March 11, 2015—DreamHost®, a global leader in web hosting and cloud services for entrepreneurs and developers, today released its first transparency report, aggregating and categorizing a list of requests placed upon it by governments, law enforcement agencies, and rights-holders around the world.

Operating as a US-based organization, DreamHost is bound to comply with information requests from all legitimate domestic law enforcement agencies, DMCA takedown requests from rights-holders, and requests to remove content from courts processing defamation or invasion of privacy lawsuits.

Notable from the report is the fact that DreamHost rejected 57% of combined information requests in 2014. Over 60% of those rejected requests were due to procedural errors made by the parties requesting them.

“With over 400,000 customers hosting all types of content imaginable, our legal team fields an incredible number of requests from outside parties,” said Art Elizarov, DreamHost's VP of People Strategy and Administration. “We're not able to discuss ongoing investigations for obvious reasons, but we are able to give the world insight into what is asked of us as well as insights into how seriously we take the privacy of our customers.”

Citing its own core value of being shamelessly honest, DreamHost expects to continue to release yearly transparency reports starting…now.

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