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eNom & DreamHost Announce Hosting and Domain Partnership

eNom & DreamHost Announce Hosting and Domain Partnership

eNom to manage domain registration; provide resellers with DreamHost services

Kirkland, Washington – July 31, 2013 – eNom, Inc., the world’s largest ICANN accredited wholesale registrar and DreamHost, a global leader in web hosting and cloud storage and computing services, today announced a strategic partnership between the two companies. As part of the agreement, DreamHost will utilize the eNom reseller platform to manage its existing domain name business and new gTLDs as they become available. Additionally, eNom will provide its clients access to the DreamHost hosting platform including virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated servers, and cloud hosting.

“Our entrepreneur, designer and developer customers are passionate about being on the cutting edge of Internet technology and trends,” said Simon Anderson, CEO of DreamHost. “The new gTLD domain name extensions launching this year, including .web, .shop, and even .ninja, are exciting opportunities to build new brands and web channels for customers, and eNom enables us to deliver the whole enchilada!”

“This partnership is the organic next step for both of our businesses,” said Chris Sheridan, vice president of Business Development for eNom. “Over the past ten years we’ve built out the industry’s best wholesale domain registrar. More than 8,800 resellers have registered 14 million domain names on this platform. This partnership is a great step toward our goal of continuing to serve our clients with hosting and cloud services up to the standards set by our domain products.”

This collaboration marks the two companies’ continued dedication to the launch of new gTLDs this year, which will give rise to the release of new domain extensions in a few short months. In an effort to support this new phase, eNom will begin to promote DreamHost’s services through its retail business by October 1, 2013.

About eNom

eNom, Inc., is the world’s largest ICANN accredited wholesale domain name registrar. A part of the Demand Media (NYSE: DMD) family of companies, eNom makes it easy for individuals and organizations to buy and sell Internet domains and related services. For more information about eNom, please visit

About DreamHost

DreamHost is a global Web hosting and cloud services provider with over 375,000 customers and 1.25 million blogs, websites and apps hosted. The company offers a wide spectrum of Web hosting and cloud services including Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Dedicated Server Hosting, Domain Name Registration, the cloud storage service, DreamObjects, and the cloud computing service DreamCompute. Please visit for more information.

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