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DreamHost Wins 2014 Business Choice Award from

DreamHost Wins 2014 Business Choice Award from

LOS ANGELES, California—August 19th, 2014—DreamHost®, a global leader in web hosting and cloud services for entrepreneurs and developers, has been named a winner of the prestigious PCMag Business Choice Award for providing best-in-class web hosting services for business users.

PCMag readers were asked to provide feedback about a variety of hosting providers’ hardware, software, and services. These readers typically deploy, administer, maintain, and use these services in business environments large and small across a wide variety of industries. Results were then aggregated and tallied, and in the end DreamHost had, among many other hosting companies, received the highest score on a ten point scale – 8.6 – for overall customer satisfaction.

“We work hard to cater to software developers and entrepreneurs,” said DreamHost’s VP of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Brett Dunst. “To see our work reflected in these glowing survey results from PCMag Readers…” Dunst paused to wipe a single tear from his cheek with a trembling hand. “It’s…really something. You know? It’s just something good.”

Also called out in the survey were DreamHost’s high scores of 8.6 for “reliability” and 8.8 for “likelihood to recommend,” showing that several millions of dollars in network improvements and hardware upgrades spread over the last few years have left customers with rock-solid, reliable business hosting that they wouldn’t mind recommending to friends and colleagues.

Many business customers also upgrade to take advantage of DreamHost’s cloud storage service, DreamObjects, and computing service, DreamCompute, for high-intensity computing power coupled with limitless and suspiciously affordable object storage.

DreamHost looks forward to pleasing customers for another twelve months in the hopes that it can re-use this press release in 2015 just by changing a couple of numbers and dates around. Godspeed.

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