WordCamp US 2023

National Harbor, MD, USA August 24 - 26, 2023 Ended

Attending Event Sponsor Speaking Engagements

WordCamp US 2023 National Harbor, MD

DreamHost will be at WordCamp US 2023!

We’re helping to organize this event again and will make a triumphant return to the expo floor this year!

Come meet the DreamHost affiliate team at booth 401 to learn how we can help your business find success online.

But that’s not all: our Vice President of Technical Support, Andrea Silas, will take the stage on Friday to talk about her professional journey as a woman in tech leadership. You’ll find her on stage in the Woodrow Wilson room on August 25th at 3:45. You won’t want to miss it!

Click here to schedule a meeting with DreamHost at the show! We can’t wait to see you there!

Modeling the Better Version of Yourself: The work / life tightrope of a woman in tech leadership

As a leader, you not only need to figure out your own work/life balance but also ensure that you’re modeling the right behavior to those you manage and lead. Or at least do your best not to accidentally model a harmful one. This can be tricky under normal circumstances for a typical person… but how do you go from fully multi-office-bound to involuntarily fully remote for years with the unexpected curveball of a proposed remote-forward but hybrid solution just when you’re getting used to the former?!

A woman in tech leadership, an immigrant from a somewhat different cultural background than most of my team to begin with and now with a bonus of many other cultures mixed in, likely in a different place in life than most of the people I lead: how did I learn to better understand and empathize with people who rely on me for leadership but live a different kind of life.
I made mistakes and so will you, but hopefully my list will help you avoid some big ones in the future.

Andrea Silas' Headshot
About Andrea

As the Vice President of Technical Support for DreamHost, Andrea Silas leads a team of highly qualified agents, offering 24/7 support to customers around the globe. Andrea joined the DreamHost family in 2003 and moved into her VP position in 2014, where her main focus is providing near-instantaneous support through multiple languages and various channels, including Live Chat, email, social media, and self-help services. Constantly evolving by anticipating customer needs, and utilizing a team that spans nine countries and across all time zones, Andrea has established a cross-channel experience, greatly helping an increasingly connected, technical, and worldwide customer base. With nearly two decades of experience in Technical Support, Andrea epitomizes empowered leadership as she pursues her ultimate team goal of zero wait-time responses, while continuing to uphold company core values. As a result, DreamHost is consistently recognized for its exceptional customer service.