Panel Update: Top-requested features now available in “Manage Websites”

Panel Update: Top-requested features now available in “Manage Websites”

DreamHost is thrilled to unveil major updates to the “Manage Websites” experience in our panel!

When we launched “Manage Websites” in 2021, our main goal was to enhance your satisfaction by providing an improved experience for managing website-related functions in the panel. We also aimed to establish a platform with substantial room for growth, enabling us to expand our services and deliver the features our customers desire.

In response to your invaluable feedback via support interactions and in-panel surveys, we have incorporated a multitude of improvements and requested features from “Hosted Domains” (previously “Manage Domains”) into “Manage Websites,” which now serves as the central hub for managing websites in the panel.

“Manage Your Site” Refresh

The “Manage Your Site” block in the “Website” tab has been revamped with a fresh look and new functionality. Now you can: 

  • Enable or disable SSH access on a user.
  • Assign a domain to a different SFTP/SSH user associated with the account.
  • Copy over files to a different SFTP/SSH user assigned to a domain (turned on by default).

New “Additional Settings” Section

A new section called “Additional Settings” has been introduced in the “Website” tab. A range of settings can now be managed from the two new sub-categories, “Paths” and “Web Options.”      


  • Modify the web directory that your domain files are accessed from. 
  • View or copy the complete path to the logs directory (non-editable).

Web Options 

  • Turn on or off Web Application Firewall (previously known as “Extra Web Security”). 
  • Enable PHP OpCache and Passenger (Ruby/NodeJS/Python apps only).

New “Non-Hosting Options” – Redirect and Domain Mirror

The “Add Website” experience now offers Hosted and Non-Hosted options

  • The “Hosted” category will display all available hosting service options on the account. 
  • The new “Non-Hosted” category will display domain status options not associated with a fully hosted service such as Redirect, Parked, and Domain Mirror.

As part of this update, we have also retired the “Hosted Domains” page in the panel. For a comprehensive overview of the old and new processes, please refer to our Knowledge Base article here

This change leads to a more streamlined and consolidated experience for you as we continuously work to enhance and improve “Manage Websites.”  

We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and feedback! Rest assured, we are committed to further enhancing and expanding our platform to assist you in your online and business journey!