Product Updates: Tech Support Milestones

DreamHost tech support improvements

Commitment to Customer Service

The DreamHost Tech Support team completed numerous initiatives in 2021 that had a unified end-goal: to significantly improve the experience and support services that our customers receive.

Even as we head into the second half of 2022, we’d like to highlight these milestones that were achieved on your behalf and that continue to have a positive impact on how DreamHost is able to serve you.

Hire More Tech Support Agents

2021 was a banner year for the Tech Support team’s goal to ramp up its hiring of support agents around the world. As a result of the implementation of this effort, the support team grew 50% last year. Agents who were hired went through a rigorous 10-week onboarding program that included expert, comprehensive training and shadowing existing support staff before taking their place as fully-fledged agents. Team leadership also hired new managers to oversee the increased agent pool and added work schedules so that more agents could be on-duty simultaneously to serve customers.

Improved Ticket Response Time

When the team started this effort in January 2021, the weekly average wait time for ticket responses was just a little under three hours. Since then, that average has shrunk by about half, to 1.5 hours — and many a day. Most customers received a reply to their tickets in less than an hour! To further reduce this wait time, the focus remains on improving coverage, prioritization, and training, and preparing as much as possible for unforeseen events.

While reducing your support-ticket wait time consistently remains a key team goal, additional goals team leadership set in support of it have been achieved or exceeded. Let’s see some of those!

Reduced Live Chat Wait Time

When 2021 began, the average time it took for customers to be connected to a live chat tech support agent was 4.7 minutes. Due to the large number of agents added to the team and more of them being on-duty at once, the team ended the year with an average wait time of just 1.4 minutes! With that significant decrease in wait times, customers’ questions and concerns are responded to and resolved more quickly than ever before.

24/7 Live Chat Support in English and Spanish

By focusing on global hiring and comprehensive training, Tech Support was able to gradually increase its English-language live chat coverage and now provides 24/7 support to all customers.

What’s more, the team now also provides the same level of high-quality support to DreamHost’s Spanish-speaking customers. Much of the hiring of agents in 2021 was done with this goal in mind.

Empowering Self-Service

The team has noticed an increase in the number of customers who are utilizing the self-service options it offers. Therefore, it continues to invest in its comprehensive, well-updated knowledge base — led by DreamHost knowledge managers — to ensure that it can provide a reliable self-service platform to those customers.

All articles in the knowledge base section of DreamHost’s website are available in English and Spanish, via a dropdown translation option found in the upper-right corner of the page. This ensures that all of our customers have access to the expert information they seek in their self-service efforts.

In addition to that, DreamHost’s blog frequently publishes posts, written by our in-house subject matter experts and team members, on a wide variety of subjects — including WordPress, how-to guides, pro tips, and trending topics in tech news — to help you stay in-the-know where you are now and be prepared for any changes that may come your way.

All of these improvements have made a strong impression. Customer interviews, external reviews, and our 99% CSAT (customer satisfaction) rates show that customers know and appreciate that they can rely on our team for quick, friendly, and knowledgeable help.

Thank you for being what makes DreamHost so successful. Our Tech Support team is honored to serve you in your journey!

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