DreamHost is Ready for COVID-19

DreamHost is Ready for COVID-19

You’ve no doubt seen and heard plenty about COVID-19 over the past several weeks. This disease that has spread so quickly across the globe is highly transmissible and acutely dangerous to those with weakened immune systems as well as other high-risk groups. COVID-19 represents a tremendous public health threat, and we are seeing its impact on industries worldwide.

As the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak to be a global pandemic this week, I wanted to update you on the work we’ve done to ensure the safety of our team and to assure you that our services will continue to operate as expected without interruption as the world comes to grips with this exceptional disruption.

We maintain physical office space in three cities (two in California, one in Oregon), and we have data centers on the east and west coasts of the United States. Our company culture places a high value on face-to-face connections and the spontaneous and serendipitous interactions that can only occur when team members are working in the same physical space, but we also value flexibility and have extensive experience working remotely.

In the interest of the continued health of our team members, and in the greater interest of public health, we’ve asked our entire global team to begin working remotely until the situation is under control and it is safe to return to the office.

The software and systems that enable every DreamHost team member to work offsite have been in place for many years. There was no last-minute scramble to make this happen — just a simple policy change to strongly encourage our valued team members to stay home and work remotely. And by “remotely”, we do mean safely at home, away from public gathering spaces like coffee shops where others are likely to congregate. Our data centers, the one area of our business that does need regular “hands-on” physical contact, will remain staffed with tightly-controlled access policies.

We are committed to providing the same consistent, high level of service to you and your business while the world continues to cope with COVID-19. We know very well how much you rely on DreamHost to keep your businesses, websites, and dreams up and running. Our responsibility to you is not one we take lightly, and it’s one that we’re well prepared to support throughout these times of uncertainty. You’ve got enough to worry about — we’ve got this.

You should experience no change in the level of service or support you receive from DreamHost. Our servers haven’t gone anywhere, and our world-class team remains just as available as always to help you find success online. The only difference is that some of us might be doing it in our pajamas for a bit.

Thank you for choosing DreamHost. We’re proud to be your online partner.

Be safe,

Michael Rodriguez
CEO, DreamHost