DreamHost Cloud Just Got Easier

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Today DreamHost launched the alpha version of an easy-to-use control panel for DreamCompute. The new Cloud Control Panel is the product of your feedback. It’s focused on streamlining common tasks, simplifying options, and removing extraneous features. We hope to replace the existing dashboard you’ve used over the past few years, and use the new Cloud Control Panel as the foundation for all our cloud products.

A word of caution: the Cloud Control Panel is definitely an alpha version! There are bugs, missing features, and the interface will evolve. Should you stumble across any unexpected behavior, be sure to let us know with the feedback widget in the control panel.

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DreamHost Cloud

The DreamHost Cloud Is Waiting

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See How We Deliver

If a picture is worth thousands of words, how much is a video worth? See for yourself what DreamHost Cloud is starting to look like!

Ain’t that pretty? And fast? Told you so! The new panel is still in alpha: it doesn’t support block storage (yet!), security groups, object storage, and other bits—these features will still require the reliable DreamCompute dashboard.

We’ll keep on adding features to this new cloud panel in the next weeks. Log in to the alpha DreamHost Cloud Control Panel, leave your feedback using the aptly named Feedback tab. And if you’re not a DreamCompute user yet: what are you waiting for?