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Dedicated Servers: Then and Now

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Way back when in the days before Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and not really that long after Google, DreamHost was supplying dedicated servers to the masses. Back then, each individual machine was built and deployed as orders came in. At peak, we hosted a “massive” 150 dedicated servers in total, with some very interesting websites to be sure! In the latter half of this century’s first decade, we decided that dedicated servers were more trouble than they were worth. We continued to support those first 150 customers, but we stopped accepting new sign-ups altogether to focus more on our core business of shared hosting.

We realized the error of our decision in 2011 thanks in large part to customer demand. We heavily automated the deployment process and re-released our dedicated offering with some new and beefy (at the time) quad-core Intel processors and up to a whopping 16GB of RAM! Even four years ago, that was pretty good! Within the first several weeks we sold more dedicated servers than we ever supported at any point in our history. People liked the product!

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As we continued supporting thousands of these new “Blue Moon” servers, we once again took our eye off of innovation on our dedicated line to focus on many of the very cool things we have been doing with DreamObjects and DreamCompute. For whatever reason, the rest of the industry seems to have done the same! All of our mass-market web hosting competitors are still selling quad core Intel processors with up to a not-so-whopping-anymore 16GB, and in a solitary case, 32GB of RAM.

Once again, customer demand has dictated our dedicated server direction. Last week, we launched a complimentary line to the Blue Moon servers we’ve been selling since 2011. I am very pleased to introduce everyone to the Summer Moon family of dedicated servers! As the demands for computing power, disk speed, and RAM capacity continue to evolve, so must we. To respond to that demand, here’s what we’ve done:

  • Increased the core count on all Summer Moon servers to 12. That’s 3x the amount of our Blue Moon line, and most competitors.
  • Increased the base storage to 2TB. 
  • Added an option for blazing fast SSDs if disk speed is a requirement
  • Added options for RAM all the way up to 64GB. 
  • Pushed deploy time for dedicated servers down to 15 minutes (from a few hours). That means once you sign-up, you are off to the races almost as quick as it takes to spin up a Virtual Machine in some Cloud environments.
  • The graph below helps to highlight some of the things we’ve added into the new Summer Moon line

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 6.27.50 PM

We’re pretty excited about this new and powerful hardware.  It’s what you’ve been asking for, and we’re happy that we can finally throw the gates open and yell “THEY’RE HERE”! Watch out for even more additions over the next few quarters!

Don’t be bashful about heading over to our dedicated server page and giving our Configurator tool a whirl to create a machine that matches your needs!

About the Author:

Patrick is the VP of Data Center Operations at DreamHost.


  1. Looks good! What if I wanted to “upgrade” from an existing “Blue Moon” server to one of the new “Summer Moon” servers? How about a seamless move with minimal interruption? What is the process?

  2. hmmmmmm?

    5 DAYS with no response? OK, there was a holiday weekend in there, but wouldn’t you think a business would be interested in answering a customer? Maybe not. They’ve already got this customer. … maybe …

    Not this one! I guess this was just a way for a VP to get his name on the web.

  3. To answer your question Bob, assuming you haven’t drastically altered your current system with a root user and do not rely on static IPs, the process is extremely seamless. We essentially copy your users, data and configuration to a new machine, switch DNS, and do a second pass on the data to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

    It is the same process we use to move people in between Shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting currently. It’s sooooooo easy in fact, that you can do it on your own from our control panel. Of course we’d be happy to do it for you, as well. When in doubt, we can do an audit of your server to make sure that there will be no hiccups during a transition.

    If you do have a highly customized configuration, we can work with that too! It will just take longer as we work with the customer to cross all T’s and dot all I’s.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the FASTEST way to get any question answered is always going to be achieved by contacting support directly. I would also like to further milk this post to get one more “Patrick Lane” out on the Internet… 🙂

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