DreamHost In The News

05/03/14 – Business-Software.com
How DreamHost Leads the New Era of Open Source 

04/30/14 – Inside HPC
DreamHost Congratulates Inktank on Acquisition by Red Hat 

04/30/14 - The Web Host Industry Review
Red Hat to Buy Object and Block Storage Company Inktank for $175M

04/16/2014 – CIO
9 Things You Need to Know Before You Store Data in the Cloud

03/12/2014 – CloudTweaks
DreamHost Looks to Capture CDN Marketshare with New Offering

3/11/2014 – CodeFear
10 Best, Affordable Shared Hosting Providers 

02/23/14 – Website Magazine Webinar 
From the Trenches: gTLD Roll-Out [Q&A]

2/1/2014 – Lifehacker 
Top 10 Uses for Linux (Even if Your Main PC Runs Windows)

1/21/2014 – TechTarget
OpenStack Development Project Aims to Crumble Adoption Barriers

12/19/2013 – The VAR Guy
What’s Next for OpenStack Open Source Cloud Computing 

12/16/13 – eWeek
DreamHost Aims to Accelerate OpenStack Cloud Adoption

12/12/2013 – socalTECH
Interview with Simon Anderson, DreamHost

11/21/2013 – The Wall Street Journal

Incumbents Race to Define SDN Before it Defines, or Disrupts, Them

11/11/13 – TechWeekEurope
OpenStack Vendors Look to Protect User Privacy

11/07/13 – SiliconAngle
OpenStack Summit highlights: SDN, Cloud and everything in between 

11/05/13 – CNN Money
Google’s Dreaded ‘Blacklist’

11/04/13 – Talkin’ Cloud
DreamHost Among First to Launch OpenStack Havana Cloud

10/30/2013 – PRWeb 
DudaMobile Unveils DudaAPI To Enable Seamless Solutions For Developers 

09/24/2013 - The Web Host Industry Review
DreamHost Taps DudaMobile for Mobile Website Builder 

09/12/13 – The New York Times
Simon Anderson, on Creating a Culture of Shameless Honesty 

07/11/13 – InfoWorld
Which Company Contributes Most to OpenStack?

06/19/2013 - socalTECH
DreamHost Launches Conference, DreamCon

06/12/2013 – Sacramento Business Journal 
RagingWire Investing, Adding Jobs in Virginia 

06/11/2013 - Mashable
How to Set Up a Hosted WordPress Site

06/10/2013 – Network World 
Products of the Week: DreamPress

06/05/2013 – RefuGeeks
DreamHost Launches Managed WordPress Service, DreamPress

06/04/2013 - The Web Host Industry Review
DreamHost Launches Managed WordPress Service DreamPress

05/10/2013 – PR Web
Web Hosting For Dummies Now Available to Help Readers Learn How to Host Their Own Website or Blog

04/24/2013 – socalTECH
DreamHost Readies Wider OpenStack Rollout

03/06/2013 – Business Wire
DreamHost CEO Presenting at the Prestigious 2013 Montgomery Technology Conference

02/12/2013 – The Web Host Industry Review
Web Host DreamHost Launches Online Community Site DreamScape

02/04/2013 – Talkin’ Cloud
DreamHost Launches Ceph-Powered Low Cost Cloud Storage Service

01/30/2013 – Data Center Knowledge
Mega, DreamHost Launch Cloud Storage Services

01/29/2013 – TechCrunch
Ceph-Powered DreamObjects Now Ready for Production Use

01/29/2013 – The Web Host Industry Review
DreamHost Cloud Storage Service DreamObjects Launches, Undercuts Amazon S3

01/23/2013 – The Web Host Industry Review
DreamHost to Host First Ever DreamCon User Conference in August

12/10/2012 – Wired
Tech World Discovers New Species: The Cloud Architect

10/29/2012 – ServerWatch
DreamHost Looking to Contribute to Linux

10/25/2012 – Datamation
DreamHost CEO: Cloud is the Future, but Shared Hosting is Not Going Away

10/16/2012 – Wired
Old School Web Hosts Fight Back Against Amazon Cloud

10/15/2012 – TechCrunch
DreamHost Builds New Public Cloud on OpenStack as Market Shows Signs of Federation

10/15/2012 – GigaOM
New OpenStack Clouds Mean Something for Everyone

09/05/2012 – TechCrunch
DreamHost Enters Cloud Storage Fray with Ceph-Powered DreamObjects

08/05/2012 – The Washington Post
RagingWire Opens Data Center in Ashburn

06/05/2012 – Data Center Knowledge
DreamHost Goes East, Expands with RagingWire

05/22/2012 – Lifehacker 
Most Popular Web Hosting Company: DreamHost

04/07/2012 – MakeUseOf
DreamHost Users Can Now Make Their Site Load Much Faster 

02/29/2012 – 451 Research, The 451 Group
DreamHost looks to CRUSH cloud storage rivals with Ceph

10/07/2011 – Forbes
On The Ground Perspectives: Mourning Steve Jobs’s Death

09/06/2011 – Ping! Zine
Web Hosting Thriving in 2011

08/08/2011 – The Web Host Industry Review
Rackspace’s Jim Curry Unlocks the Cloud in a Case for Open Standards

08/01/2011 – Datamation
Ceph Advances Open Source Distributed Filesystem to the Cloud

7/27/2011 – Data Center Knowledge
Dell ‘Crowbar’ Speeds OpenStack Deployment

7/26/2011 – TechTarget Enterprise Linux
Dell launches first OpenStack IaaS offering

7/26/2011 – Vmblog
Dell Unveils Industry’s First OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud Solution

7/13/2011 – CTO Edge
An OpenStack Approach to Unified Storage

7/05/2011 – DreamHost Press Release
DreamHost Names Simon Anderson to Serve as New CEO

7/2011 – The Web Host Industry Review, Magazine
Understanding Online Business: The Online Store

6/24/2011 – Silicon Angle
OpenStack Set for Stardom, Supporters Join the Ride

6/23/2011 – The Web Host Industry Review
“Web Host DreamHost Contributing Code for Ceph File System to OpenStack”

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