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Why register a .foundation domain name?

  • Let your site's visitors know that philanthropy is your mission.

    When you register a .FOUNDATION domain with DreamHost, you clearly and immediately signal to audiences that your website represents an entity that's committed to philanthropy. It can even be a nonprofit philanthropic foundation and a for-profit corporation with a philanthropic arm! What's more, now that .FOUNDATION has joined the .ORG family of domains, it can further empower a mission-driven organization like yours to engage with your community and advance positive change in the world.

  • Your entity's supporters are diverse. You can be, too!

    The people and organizations that support your philanthropic endeavors most likely come from many areas of the communities you serve and where you're making a positive impact. With a .FOUNDATION domain for your site, you're distinguishing your entity, which can be almost as wide-ranging as those who support you.

  • Register a domain that's as flexible as you are.

    You're committed to engaging with your community and advancing positive change in the world. A registered .FOUNDATION domain offers invaluable key benefits that can keep your organization in the forefront of your current and potential supporters' minds.

    You're clearly signaling your purpose, and you can achieve that whether you start with a .FOUNDATION or switch your existing site to it. It's also a domain on which mission-driven organizations can establish a microsite dedicated to their philanthropic arms, whether as part of their core business functions or as separate initiatives. Non-profit and for-profit organizations can also secure .FOUNDATION for campaign-specific websites, even if those sites will be temporary. And if your organization is concerned about defending its trademark and brand name, it can secure domain names across the .ORG family of domains — including .FOUNDATION — to prevent other entities from registering similar-sounding sites in the future.

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