On-Demand Virtual Servers in the Cloud

Unlimited, scalable and affordable cloud computing for developers and entrepreneurs.

Big-time cloud computing, reporting for duty.

DreamCompute is a highly scalable and cost-effective cloud computing service that is built to power everything from web and mobile applications, digital media and ecommerce websites, big data analytics, and test and development environments.

  • Powerful Public Cloud

    • Virtual servers, networks, and block storage
    • OpenStack APIs
    • Intuitive web dashboard
  • Open by Design

    • Powered by OpenStack and Ceph
    • Open and published architecture
    • Community contributors
  • Superhero Service

    • 24/7 live chat and email support
    • Access to DreamHost's best cloud minds

Take advantage of our free trial beta.

No worries. You won't be charged at all. We'll contact you when your trial ends, and provide information about rates, availability of capacity, and terms.

DreamCompute is more than just cloud computing.

Using DreamCompute's open source infrastructure-as-a-service platform that is powered by OpenStack, customers can create and prosper in many ways.

  • Create & Grow Online

    Flexible, pay-as-you-grow computing environment that is sized as you need it, and backed by top open source experts.

  • Your Network is Secure

    Utilizes advanced OpenStack Neutron, VMWare NSX, and DreamHost's own Akanda capabilities for a secure network.

  • Web App Development

    Highly scalable, quick to provision, and a secure computing infrastructure is ready for any sized application.

How's it work? What's under the hood?

Massively virtualized and scalable Compute Pods have been designed at the core to deliver both redundancy and high degrees of utilization and performance.

Trust Your Website with an Award Winning Web Host

DreamHost is the proud winner of PC Magazine's Business Choice Award for Best Web Hosting Service, beating out other notable hosting providers.

Looking for object storage?

Our cloud storage service, DreamObjects, could be just what you need.

Learn About DreamObjects