Executive Profiles

Simon Anderson


Started at DreamHost: 2011

About Simon

Simon is an Internet, ecommerce and digital media executive with a successful track record of building companies from start-up to leaders in their market. Simon has led and managed teams across most major business functions, including marketing, sales, product, operations and engineering. He has served as an executive, advisor and board member of over 15 start-ups and growth companies in the US and Asia.

Prior to coming on board with DreamHost, Simon served as Chief Marketing Officer of Pictage, the leading web platform for professional photographers to manage their business, promote their brand, connect with community and sell their work. During his time with Pictage, Simon doubled Pictage’s customer base, rebranded the company, launched new web services and mobile applications, acquired ShootQ studio management software, and formed major partnerships with Adobe, Kodak, Canon and Blurb. Simon has also helped the company raise over $8M in growth capital.

Prior to joining Pictage in 2009, Simon was a key executive of three early and growth stage venture backed companies in Internet, ecommerce and digital media: Affinity Internet, Authenticlick, and Biggerboat.

As SVP Business Development & Strategy at Biggerboat, Simon grew the Biggerboat Entertainment Ad Network to over 40 Million unique visitors per month, and drove early customer trials of Biggerboat’s entertainment audience analytics and targeting solutions, including major media networks, entertainment publishers and brand advertisers. Biggerboat was not able to raise a second round of funding during the financial meltdown, and was mothballed by investors.

As VP Strategy & Business Development at Authenticlick, Simon led the product development, marketing and go-to-market launch of a web platform providing traffic quality intelligence for the online advertising marketplace. Authenticlick’s patented quality scoring platform delivered powerful ROI optimization and measurement solutions for advertisers, ad networks and publishers, analyzing massive amounts of data on the network. The company was sold to an investment group in June 2008.

Prior to Authenticlick, Simon was VP Strategy & Business Development at Affinity Internet. The company grew during his tenure to become a leading web hosting, ecommerce and online marketing services company in the U with over 200,000 direct customers and an enviable roster of Fortune 500 partners. Simon led the sales, strategic marketing and business development team responsible for winning and managing Affinity’s major strategic partners including AOL, eBay, Comcast, Microsoft, Google, Intuit, SAP and Costco. Many of these partnerships involved innovative and highly successful new product launches that delivered over $25MM annual revenue combined. Simon also advised the CEO on company strategy and led the go-to-market teams for new products and services including website creator, ecommerce storefront applications and search engine marketing services. Hostway Corporation acquired Affinity Internet in April 2007.

Prior to joining Affinity in 2003, Simon was the US-based general partner of Allen & Buckeridge, a leading Australian venture capital firm investing in early stage software, Internet and communications ventures with over US$250 million under management. Simon developed a specialization in web platforms and services, leading investments into Southrock Software (eLearning), Loyalty Magic (loyalty systems), Authentic8 (internet security software), among others.

Simon started his professional career as a corporate and commercial attorney in Sydney, Australia specializing in media, IT and communications transactions and advice. He held roles with Dunhill Madden Butler (now PWC Legal) and Atanaskovic Hartnell before joining Allen & Buckeridge in 1999.

Simon earned a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and a Law Degree (LLB/JD) from the Australian National University. He has been a guest lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business and completed executive programs on strategy and negotiation at Harvard Business School. He is a mentor and advisor to startups looking to enter or grow in the US market.

Dallas Kashuba


Started at DreamHost:1997

About Dallas

Dallas Kashuba is a Co-Founder and Head Honcho at DreamHost where he spends most of his time making sure the company stays committed to its democratic principles. Dallas uses his third-eye to make sure the company is looking at things from every angle, and always has at least one eye looking forward. Before starting DreamHost with Josh, Michael and Sage, Dallas spent about a year with a company called BoxTop (which later became the foundation for iXL, Los Angeles.) Before it went down in glorious flames they did design, programming, and hosting for big name websites. Dallas’ professional experience, affinity for facial piercings and lack of appreciation for personal space have helped create a company where people that doesn’t let egos get in the way; DreamHost is committed to pursuing any good idea, no matter how disruptive. Dallas holds a degree in Computer Science from Harvey Mudd College. He resides in Northern California with his wife and children.

Q&A with Dallas

What do you do at DreamHost?

I take notes, try to keep track of what’s going on, talk to people, and encourage people to talk to each other. I also do some programming, some server setting up, some troubleshooting and debugging. Mostly, though, I’m an ideas man.

What’s your favorite part about working here?

Bossing Josh aound.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen while working at DreamHost?

The one and only really bad crack we have experienced. It was back in September or October of 1998 and I can distinctly remember seeing “rm -r /” running as the root user on 4 of the 8 servers we had at the time. I literally saw everything we had disappearing before my eyes. A quick call to the data center and the power plugs were pulled on every server. After some data recovery and a complete re-engineering of our network security model DreamHost lived on. No pain, no gain, I guess!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen in your LIFE?

When I was in India riding on a train I saw a very dirty old man with no legs dragging himself down the center aisle holding his hand out for money. During my two week visit I saw lots of other beggars, many of whom were missing limbs, but that one guy on the train really stuck in my head.

What is your favorite…

Color: Green Food: It’s hard to beat (and find) a really good fish n’ chips. Drink: Home-carbonated fizzy water Wood: Balsa (especially when used to make a little glider) Actor: Johnny Depp, Mary Louise Parker, Owen Wilson Smell: Vanilla Bean Video Game: Puzzle Quest 2 Movies: Run, Lola, Run, Lost In Translation, Shanghai Noon TV Shows: Invader Zim!, Ren and Stimpy, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Weeds, Entourage

Bands: Rithma, Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beck, Air, Kaskade, Fischerspooner, Goldfrapp, Tortoise, Wagon Christ, Mochipet, Aphex Twin, Bent, Plaid, PJ Harvey, Rocket from the Crypt, Wilco, Peace Orchestra, Mouse on Mars, Tool, Pixies, Boards of Canada, The Roots, Pinback, and on and on. Oh, and Thrillouette!

Do you have a website or blog?

My personal website, idallas.com, has been around in some form or another for about 11 years. I used to do all my own programming and my excuse for design, but I’ve gotten lazy and just use off the shelf stuff now.

Any parting words?

Be the ball! nuh nuh nuh nuh…

Michael Rodriguez


Started at DreamHost:1997

About Michael

Managed a small team implementing toy elephants in Las Vegas, NV. Garnered an industry award while importing circus clowns in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Lead a team donating rocking horses in West Palm Beach, FL. Have some experience working with hula hoops for the government. Spent a weekend short selling jungle gyms for the underprivileged. In 2009 I was getting my feet wet with Uno for farmers. (Note: Through the power of technology, we’ve programmatically generated a bio that we assure you is absolutely accurate…at least until this employee updates it!)

Sage Weil


Started at DreamHost: 1997

About Sage

Spent 2002-2007 building puppets for the government. Lead a team working on salsa in Minneapolis, MN. Spoke at an international conference about researching weebles on the black market. Spent childhood creating marketing channels for tar in Miami, FL. My current pet project is buying and selling puppets in Phoenix, AZ. Uniquely-equipped for working with Roombas in Atlantic City, NJ. (Note: Through the power of technology, we’ve programmatically generated a bio that we assure you is absolutely accurate…at least until this employee updates it!)

Kathy Brahm

VP of Sales and Customer Experience

Started at DreamHost: 2011

About Kathy

Kathy brings over 14 years of extensive business and marketing experience with B2B and B2C companies focused in the telecommunications industry.

Kathy spent seven of her most recent years with Time Warner Cable in Los Angeles where she held a variety of marketing positions. Her career with Time Warner Cable began as a Product Manager focused on the business and residential High Speed Internet products. Subsequently, she also took on the Digital Cable product and the Digital Phone products. As a product manager, she was responsible for everything related to each of the products – this included marketing strategy, cross-selling, acquisition, competition, product knowledge, training, launching enhancements, P&L, and ultimately new customer numbers and setting forecasts.

As competition became more significant for cable operators, Kathy took on a new responsibility focused in Retention and Competition. In this position she tested, defined and launched a customer relationship retention program. This program established improved relationships with customers and resulted in a significant reduction in churn; it proved so successful it was pushed into a national launch.

Kathy has more recently focused on online, interactive and e-marketing. She has effectively managed and is currently managing the rebuild and launch of several websites, optimizing PPC and SEM and developing and launching social media plans and testing.
Kathy lives in South Orange County with her Husband Jim and their two young sons. She enjoys doing anything athletic, outside and a bit competitive…ok a lot competitive.

Q&A with Kathy

What’s the most memorable thing you’ve seen while working at DreamHost?

Pictures capturing what goes on during the graveyard shift

Is your mother proud of you? If she’s out of the picture, do you think she would be proud of you? Why or why not? How does that make you feel?

Of course, “Where do you work Kate?, Green Toast? whaaat? huh?” Ok, I kid, her hearing is just fine but I do love to openly mock her.

What is your favorite…

Taste: Sweat.. not sweet… sweat

Smell: Beach bonfire or my sons’ hair

Feel: Running on sand with occasional splash in the water

Sight: Ocean

Sound: Waves

Food: Nectarine (simple huh?)

Drink: Marg on the rocks with no salt or a cold skim milk

Wood: Bamboo (technically a grass, but is in the wood category when it comes to flooring)

Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Musical Artist: U2 (in the 80′s), Eddie Vedder solo (not PJ), and ANYTHING BUT COUNTRY….ANYTHING!

Video Game: Nah

Sports Team: Not really – rather play than watch

Do you have a blog, Twitter account, or LinkedIn account that you’d care to share?

Um, no.

Any parting words?

“It’s a little like wrestling a gorilla. You don’t quit when you’re tired, you quit when the gorilla is tired.”

Ralph Castro

VP of Technical Support

Started at DreamHost:1999

About Ralph

Ralph Anthony Castro Jr. is the Vice President of Customer Experience where he oversees our Technical Support team and manages external customer communications. Ralph spends most of his day using his uncanny sixth-sense to anticipated future issues that may impact our customers. Ralph brings more than 10 years of professional experience to the DreamHost Management Team. Prior to joining the DreamHost team in 1999, Ralph worked for Big Apple Computerized Grading and Marking. His favorite thing about working at DreamHost? Being a boss! Oh, and the familial environment. Ralph lives in southern California with his wife and two sons. He is an avid NFL, NBA & MLB fanatic. He also contributes to his community as a Little League coach, and freelance B-Boy. Ralph attended the Pennsylvania State University.

Q&A with Ralph

What’s the most memorable thing you’ve seen while working at DreamHost?

Walking into my office to find a pile of dog poo on the floor courtesy of one of our administrator’s dogs. Sad I know.

Is your mother proud of you? If she’s out of the picture, do you think she would be proud of you? Why or why not? How does that make you feel?

My mother is proud of me because I answered this question that she is proud of me. This makes me feel like this is a silly question.

What is your favorite…

Taste: cherry Smell: fresh baked bread Feel: hehe Sight: looking down a steep slope getting ready to ride my snowboard down it Sound: music Food: garlic ribs Drink: Cherry Coke Zero Wood: Black Walnut Movie: A book I have followed from when it was first released. It is now on HBO, Game of Thrones, is what it’s all about right now. Musical Artist: There are many but I’m really into Muse and Excision right now. Video Game: Zelda games keep me coming back Sports Team:1a. ATL Falcons, 1b. NY Mets, 2. LA Lakers, 3a. NY Giants, 3b. NY Knicks (I love my birth state NY teams!)

Do you have a blog, Twitter account, or LinkedIn account that you’d care to share?

I do not but I plan to have a baseball blog up at some point theyankeeandthemet.com.

Any parting words?

Wanna dance battle?

Brett Dunst

VP of Marketing & Corporate Communications

Started at DreamHost:1999

About Brett

Brett Dunst is the Vice President Marketing & Corporate Communications at DreamHost. Brett started working at DreamHost in 1999, and has been using Jedi mind tricks to increase the company’s market and mind share. Brett’s uncanny knack for producing witty content has made him customer favorite on the DreamHost blog. Even after spending more than a decade at the company, he is still amazed by what he’s able to get away with putting in our company newsletter and blog. Brett holds a degree in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis in Interactive Web Development from California State Polytechnic University. Brett lives in Southern California with his wife and daughters.

Q&A with Brett

What do you do at DreamHost?

A little of this, a little of that. I handle new account activations. I designed this website, our technical support system, and our customer web panel. I order expensive office toys. I curate the DreamHost Museum.

What’s your favorite part about working here?

I can wear a cape to work and nobody cares.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen while working at DreamHost?

Oh man what haven’t I seen.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen in your LIFE?

There’s this one old episode of Saturday Night Live where Buster Poindexter and Sigourney Weaver sang a duet of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” to each other. That was pretty crazy. I try not to think about it but but it usually wakes me up at 3 in the morning at least once a year.

What is your favorite…

Color: Green

Food: Pizza

Drink: Gin Martini, 2% Milk

Wood: Cherry

Actor: Lance Henriksen, Johnny Depp, Richard Dean Anderson

Smell: My wife’s neck

Video Game: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PSX), Blaster Master (NES)

Movies: Forrest Gump, Office Space, Edward Scissorhands, The Dark Crystal, Logan’s Run.

TV Shows: Battlestar Galactica, The Office, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Farscape, Strangers With Candy, Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis, Nova

Bands: 50s production music reels, David Byrne, Herb Alpert & The TJ Brass, Bert Kaempfert, Echo & The Bunnymen, Billy Hill and The Hillbillies.

Do you have a website or blog?

I do! http://www.vomitron.com/. Sometimes you’ll find me on http://blog.dreamhost.com/ too.

Any parting words?

“Martini me.”

Artur Elizarov

VP of People Strategy & Administration

Started at DreamHost:2010

About Art

Art Elizarov is the Vice President of Human Resources at DreamHost where he oversees the company’s efforts to create a diverse and inclusive environment that fosters technological innovation. Boasting an accomplished career as a Human Resources Executive, Art has a professional emphasis on organizational leadership, and specializes in unique HR initiatives that use diversity, inclusion, and consensus-building to positively impact the bottom line. Art strongly believes that effective HR practices make a dramatic difference in organizational performance. Prior to joining DreamHost, Art spent 2 years as the Guru of Employee and Labor Relations for Los Angeles County and 6 years as the Vice President of Human Resources at Flynt Management Group. Art holds graduate degrees in Labor Relations, Business Administration, Organizational Leadership, and a a fancy Juris Doctor degree. Art lives in Los Angeles and specializes in collecting graduate degrees.

Patrick Lane

VP of Data Center Operations

About Patrick

Crossed the country getting my feet wet with circus clowns in Minneapolis, MN. Prior to my current job I was buying and selling barbie dolls on the black market. Spent 2001-2004 developing strategies for karma in Africa. Had some great experience testing the market for muffins in Libya. Spent a year investing in squirt guns in Orlando, FL. Set new standards for short selling bagpipes in Naples, FL. (Note: Through the power of technology, we’ve programmatically generated a bio that we assure you is absolutely accurate…at least until this employee updates it!)

Micah Sachs

VP of Systems Engineering

About Micah

Won several awards for deploying electric trains in Orlando, FL. Spent college summers consulting about barbie dolls in Atlantic City, NJ. Spent high school summers promoting rocking horses in the UK. Uniquely-equipped for analyzing trumpets in Bethesda, MD. Spent two years developing bagpipes in Africa. Have some experience analyzing salsa in Deltona, FL. (Note: Through the power of technology, we’ve programmatically generated a bio that we assure you is absolutely accurate…at least until this employee updates it!)

John Varner

VP of Finance

About John

What’s your favorite part about working here? The strong sense of teamwork, and a really high level of commitment from the employees in helping the company succeed.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen while working at DreamHost?

When we did the Mud Run at camp Pendleton, seeing all of your co-workers sloshing around in the mud.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen in your LIFE?

Probably some of the powerful forces that happen in nature, like the effects of tornados, earthquakes, and the like.

What is your favorite:

Taste: capers

Smell: spring air or fresh cut grass

Sight: seeing old friends after a long absence

Sound: crickets

Food: Ice cream; Rocky Road

Drink: a double

Wood: Birds Eye Maple

Movie: Blue’s Brothers

Musical Artist: Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffet

Video Game: Need for Speed

Team: My High School varsity basketball team, San Marcos Royals, Santa Barbara CA

Do you have a website or blog?

Used to until all of them were hacked, never recovered them

Any parting words?

No nada

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