The Difference

The DreamHost Difference

As with all companies, there are some things we do the same as our competitors and there are some things we do differently. Most importantly, we’re focused squarely on providing quality customer service and the absolute best web hosting packages in the industry. It’s a never-ending quest, but it’s one we’re happy to take on.

Charitable Donations

Here at DreamHost we have been very fortunate with our success and we feel an obligation to share that success with others. One of the ways that we make this happen is through our donation system, available to all of our customers.

Every few months we will pick a new worthy charity to which we facilitate giving! We accept donations on the organization’s behalf, and at the end of the donation period we will QUADRUPLE all donations made by our customers. To date, we have donated a combined total of over $200,000 to charities all around the world.

We also provide free hosting to hundreds of 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations here in the United States of America through our non-profit discount offer.

Flexible Approach

We are flexible in our approach to doing business in the hosting industry and with the services we’re able to offer. We offer multiple ways for you to communicate, share your comments, ideas, concerns or just a random rant (honestly we like those) with us and also a way for you to contribute to the DreamHost community directly.

We value all customer feedback, both the good and the not-so-good. In fact, many customer suggestions are the genesis of new features and services that we’re able to roll out across our entire customer base.

Your Vote Counts

Every DreamHost customer is encouraged to submit their own suggestions for new features. Those suggestions are then voted upon by other customers and the most popular ideas then make their way to our development team. This is a great way to have your favorite program featured as a One Click Install or have certain settings changed that would offer a better hosting experience.

Communication is Key

Our discussion forum is a great place to collaborate with fellow DreamHost customers. You can also find us on the DreamHost Blog, our System Status Blog, Twitter, and Facebook.
Our fantastic Technical Support System is not outsourced to a company that doesn’t understand our system, speak your language, or care about your needs.

Help and be Helped

The DreamHost Wiki is an ever-evolving resource of documentation provided by DreamHost staff and customers alike. The DreamHost Wiki is the closest thing to a “DreamHost Manual” you’ll ever find.
We encourage you to contribute to our wiki – especially if you think you can better explain topics than we can.

Free Hosting for Nonprofits

Non-profit organizations have dedicated themselves to making the world a better place. In recognition of their noble sacrifice and altruistic efforts, DreamHost is happy to provide hosting services free of charge to these groups!

This offer is limited to one shared hosting plan per nonprofit, and is only for US-based 501(c)(3) organizations. Domain registrations (other than any included with the plan) are not eligible for any discounts. Groups must be able to furnish DreamHost with an IRS-issued 501(c)(3) determination letter to qualify.

"I'm a non-profit!"

Great! Sign up for hosting with us, then fax your 501(c)(3) determination letter to 714-671-9098. Be sure to write your account number on the cover letter. We'll take it from there!


Activate your Virtual Private Server!

We can't wait to see what you'll do with your new VPS service from DreamHost. Let's get this party started!

We value your privacy. DreamHost will not sell or rent your email address to third parties.


Sign Up for a DreamHost Dedicated Server!

Pay for a year, get one month free.

All dedicated servers come with Unlimited Bandwidth, one dedicated IP address, and a 4-hour SLA.

  • CPUs included: 1 (2 cores/CPU)
  • RAM included: 2 GB
  • Disk Space: 500 GB
  • Operating System: debian
  • CPUs included: 1 (2 cores/CPU)
  • RAM included: 4 GB
  • Disk Space: 500 GB
  • Operating System: debian
  • CPUs included: 1 (4 cores/CPU)
  • RAM included: 4 GB
  • Disk Space: 500 GB
  • Operating System: debian

Sign Up for a DreamHost Web Hosting!

All this for just $8.95 per month!

  • Unlimited Disk Storage
  • Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth*
  • Unlimited Domains Hosted
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases

Get a quad-core Dedicated server at a dual-core price!

Our Blue Moon 4 server includes a server-grade, quad-core CPU, 4 GB of RAM and a RAID-1, 500GB hard drive configuration.

Sign up for a one-year plan and we'll also give you the 12th month of service for free! That's a value of $139. Reserve your high-performance Dedicated server today!

Note: A one-year prepaid subscription is required. After the first year, the monthly price will automatically reset from $139 per month to the regular retail price of $169 per month.