Creating an Awesome
WordPress Website

Creating an awesome website is more than just installing WordPress. WordPress eliminates the need to become a web developer, put that is only part of the total equation for a great website.

Most of us are not great graphic designers or professional writers. It is equally challenging to know how to add great content with great media to attract your target visitors.

There are a number of approaches to help just about anyone to create a great website. This ebook shares some of the best ones we know about to help you create an awesome website.

In this ebook you will:

  • Identify how to use your main website objectives to plan out your site look, content and more
  • Leverage other people’s creative genius along with your customizations to develop an attractive website
  • Learn how to make your website easy for visitors to navigate
  • Learn how to find great media to make your site more appealing

Some examples from the book

"What will attract your target users to your site? What topics would be of interest to your target audience? … One sure way to help you narrow down on what your users’ interests are is to understand their pain points. What problems do they have that you solve or could potentially solve?"

"Create categories and tags that will help visitors navigate to relevant topics. Categories are broad groupings that are really what your site is all about. Tags are to help describe specific details of each blog post or page on your site. Each post will need one category, whereas tags are optional."

"One mistake new users sometimes make when creating their website is to not optimize their images. Today's images have become larger and larger. Even photos taken with your cell phone can be quite large. By optimizing your images, you can keep the amount of data that a user's browser needs to download as small as possible without losing quality. This is even more important for mobile devices, which are often downloading site content over a slow network."